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Informatica Summit in Saudi Arabia to Boost Cloud-Powered Digital Transformation

Informatica Summit in Saudi Arabia to Boost Cloud-Powered Digital Transformation

What is the news? Informatica, an enterprise cloud data management leader, has opened its doors to the first major data innovation summit in the Kingdom, which is set to outline a roadmap for how Saudi Arabia can accelerate its vision for becoming a cloud-first data-driven state ahead of the World Expo 2030.

Informatica Summit Saudi Arabia 2024

The event, Informatica Summit Saudi Arabia 2024, is graced by top industry leaders from around the globe, participating companies like Accenture and Google, who will engage in meaningful discussions on transformative potential concerning AI-enabled data management and generative AI across the economy.

Given that data adoption is increasing exponentially, the summit sessions focused on pivotal issues like “Accelerating Your Cloud Journey,” “Compliance as the Competitive Advantage,” and “Building the Intelligent Data Cloud.” These sessions empower governments and businesses in industries ranging from airlines to financial institutions, helping them accelerate their digital cloud journeys.

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The event has been well-timed for Informatica, as it launches its first office in the Kingdom over the next few months. This would mean Informatica’s commitment to deepening its regional presence with scalable, cloud-first data management solutions. This initiative goes hand in hand with the Saudi government’s vision to empower all sectors of the economy digitally by 2030.

Amit Walia, CEO at Informatica, said: “We are currently witnessing history in the making in the Kingdom. Nowhere in the world are we seeing such rapid adoption of digitalization and this is the core of Saudi Vision 2030. Today we are at the crossroads, armed with an opportunity we cannot overlook – the future is wedded in cloud computing and AI. We have a key role to play in helping governments and businesses to manage their data, accelerate decision making and ultimately drive innovation.

Informatica’s Expansion in Saudi Arabia

The latest announcement comes from a major milestone in April, as Informatica introduced its AI-powered Intelligent Data Management Cloud™ (IDMC) platform in Saudi Arabia, becoming the first such initiative for the Kingdom. This included the i********* in opening a new Point of Delivery (PoD) in Riyadh, hosted on Google Cloud infrastructure, to support local partners and organizations with its cloud data management platform and meet local regulations.

Citing reports from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, which state that the cloud computing sector will double in size within the next three years and contribute USD $13.3 b****** to the country’s GDP, these many initiatives—including the recent news of the office opening and the IDMC platform—are set to fuel Riyadh’s digital transformation into a data-driven hub and promote economic and digital progress for the entire Kingdom.

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1. What is the Informatica Summit Saudi Arabia 2024 about?

The Informatica Summit Saudi Arabia 2024 is a prestigious event that brings together top industry leaders globally, including companies like Accenture and Google. The summit discusses the transformative potential of AI-enabled data management and Generative AI across various economic sectors.

2. Who are the keynote speakers of Informatica Summit Saudi Arabia?

– Amit Walia, CEO, Informatica
– Manouj Tahiliani, SVP & GM B360, Informatica
– Abdulaziz Al-Mazrou, Executive Dir Data, SDB
– Emilio Valdes, SVP EMEA-LA, Informatica
– Yasser Shawky, VP, Emerging Markets, Informatica
– Bader Almadi, General Manager, KSA, Google and more.

3. What are the key topics discussed in the summit?

  •  AI-powered solutions
  • Customer Journey on how to operationalize data strategy
  • Cloud Data Innovation & Modernization
  • NDMO Regulation for Innovation and Growth

4. What is the significance of the event for Informatica?

The event is particularly significant for Informatica as it coincides with the company’s plans to inaugurate its inaugural office in the Kingdom in the forthcoming months. This initiative underscores Informatica’s commitment to strengthening its regional presence and providing scalable, cloud-first data management solutions.

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