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Huawei Cloud and Xuan Wu Cloud Signed a Memorandum of Cooperation on Building a Large Consumer Goods Model

Huawei Cloud and Xuan Wu Cloud Signed a Memorandum of Cooperation on Building a Large Consumer Goods Model

During the Huawei Cloud Pangu Large Model Forum in ShenzhenXuan Wu Cloud and Huawei Cloud officially entered into a memorandum of cooperation. Utilizing Huawei Cloud’s Pangu Large Model and Ascend AI Cloud Service, the two companies will work together to develop a large model tailored for the consumer goods industry, fostering intelligent transformation upgrade within the sector. Present at the event, Xuan Wu Cloud’s Chief Operating Officer & Senior Vice President, GUO Haiqiu, and Huawei Cloud’s Director of EI Service Product Department, YOU Peng, signed the agreement on behalf of their respective organizations.

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It is understood that in this collaboration, both parties aim to capitalize on their strengths and actively participate in collaborative innovation and technological breakthroughs, with the goal of developing a comprehensive model for the consumer goods industry. Both sides target to deepen cooperation across diverse areas, including cloud infrastructure, large models, and applications. Additionally, they will collaboratively explore business models for the future, identify potential business opportunities, and achieve mutual success through cooperation at all levels in resources, technology, and beyond.

GUO Haiqiu stated that this collaboration presented an excellent opportunity for mutual growth in the evolving era of AI within the consumer goods industry. It bears positive implications on Xuan Wu Cloud’s future market expansion and product innovation.

As a prominent domestic provider of intelligent CRM services, Xuan Wu Cloud has built a robust technological foundation incorporating AI (Artificial Intelligence), DI (Data Intelligence), aPaaS (Low-Code Development Platform), and cPaaS (Cloud Communication Platform) and key SaaS product applications, including Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud, empowering clients in high-growth sectors like FMCG and finance to undergo intelligent transformation and elevate their capabilities.

It’s noteworthy that Xuan Wu Cloud currently stands as the sole player in the Chinese CRM industry, boasting independent AI full-stack technological innovation. Recently, they introduced  a large multimodal model for mass consumption named “Xuan Tao” and AIGC applications covering large consumer terminal business scenarios. In terms of industry expertise, Xuan Wu Cloud has devoted over a decade to vertically integrating within the consumer goods sector, and achieved a market share of over 20% among billion-scale customer groups in sectors such as liquor and food. This signifies that Xuan Wu Cloud has garnered extensive experience through successful collaborations with top-tier clients, business scenario applications, and the accumulation of substantial data in the consumer goods sector.

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To drive the widespread adoption of AI in industries, Huawei Cloud consistently aligns with the “AI for Industries” approach, integrating AI technology with industry expertise. Building on the continuous advancements in Ascend AI Cloud Service and the Pangu Large Model, Huawei Cloud has crafted large models tailored for sectors including mining, government affairs, automotive, meteorology, finance, manufacturing, railways, drug research and development, and digital humans. These models aim to enhance services for customers, partners, and developers, facilitating intelligent upgrades across industries. In support of the efficient innovation of various large models, Huawei Cloud has established three major AI cloud computing centers in Gui’an, Ulanqab, and Wuhu to provide surging Ascend AI computing power to enterprises and accelerate AI to reshape industries.

“Looking ahead, we aim to establish the outstanding large model within the domestic consumer goods industry by integrating Xuan Wu Cloud’s AI applications and industry expertise on the foundation laid by Huawei Cloud’s Pangu Large Model. This comprehensive initiative empowers the consumer goods sector for its digital transformation and advancement toward intelligent growth,” shared GUO Haiqiu. He further added, “Concurrently, both parties will sustain and deepen collaboration in the AI domain. As we embark on the journey towards digitalization in the consumer goods industry, we will march forward hand in hand, sharing the value and opportunities presented by the new era of AI.”

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