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Why Should Data Professionals Attend Snowflake’s “Data for Breakfast”

Why Should Data Professionals Attend Snowflake's "Data for Breakfast"

Snowflake’s “Data for Breakfast” Serves Innovative Ideas to Data Professionals

Data cloud companies such as Snowflake are constantly bringing out new ideas and capabilities for cloud database management systems (Cloud DBMS). Organizations now depend on the expertise of data professionals to help them navigate through the perennial challenges associated with isolates data storage and on-premise data centers. But, finding the right talent to manage all data cloud operations and workflows remains the biggest challenge for IT leaders in the current era. According to a report, IT decision-makers had cited finding right talent to manage their cloud operations is a significant roadblock in their ongoing cloud transformation initiatives. So, how can IT decision-makers overcome this barrier?

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Snowflake, the leading data cloud company arrived with a spectacular idea– they created a global technology-focused event series for data professionals. It’s called “Data for Breakfast”– a unique engagement opportunity for IT decision-makers and data professionals to come together under one roof and discuss the various aspects of data cloud, data storage, data applications, models, pipelines, strategies and so much more.

If you are an IT leader or a data professional, attending Snowflake’s Data for Breakfast can help you mobilize your cloud database management initiatives with outstanding results.

Here’s why you should sign up and attend the event at a city near you.

Reason 1: You Will Learn Everything about Data Cloud and Its Applications

If digital transformation is your top priority this year, data clouds would help you reach your destination with a promise of better experiences and accelerated integrations across all your data resources.

Today, data cloud is a proven computing roadmap to advance IT infrastructure and analytical capabilities using unified data that is accessible to your data teams. The Data for Breakfast event kick-starts with an introduction to data cloud and the several components that constitute a data cloud adoption strategy. It includes primers on data lakes, data warehouse, data integrations, pipelines and open data platform.

Reason 2: Get Live Introduction to Snowflake

Did you know Snowflake’s Data Cloud is one of the most advanced data platform available as a self-managed service?

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Snowflake is the go-to data cloud for building agile data architecture and supporting innovation with built-in AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities. It comes with numerous benefits for data storage, combining completely new SQL query engine.

At Data For Breakfast global event series, data professionals will receive hands-on information on the Snowflake Marketplace, Snowpark, and all the workloads within the Snowflake Data Cloud. These are:

Reason 3: Energize Data Strategy to Invest in Better Tools and Capabilities

IT decision-makers are looking for much in their data clouds than just advanced analytical capabilities and agile frameworks. They want everything to happen in a risk-free and secured environment where data teams can go beyond the existing methodologies in ETL, API and FTP processes. Attendees can learn about harnessing more from their datasets, services and applications by skipping lengthy evaluations and assessments with customized Snowflake analytics for better insights.

Reason 4: Realign Focus on IT Expertise, Security and Compliance

Nearly two-thirds of the IT leaders cite lack of leadership in the evaluation of cost and effort of designing a cloud management as a barrier in cloud success. Most business leaders fail to recognize the importance of having security at the core of their cloud and data investments. Speakers at Data for Breakfast understand this challenge and highlights in their interactions.

Security and compliance are key components in any modern day multi-cloud architecture.

Data cloud companies such as Snowflake provide abundant resources and technical assistance to data professionals in these areas by organizing workshops and networking sessions. With Data for Breakfast, data professionals can gain a holistic view of what’s happening with their existing data cloud and how they can convince their leaders in the organization to realign their vision for a better and stronger cloud management strategy.

Reason 5: Listen to Snowflake Customers’ Winning Recipes

Snowflake customers have total control on their data cloud investments. How do we know? It’s revealed during the Data for Breakfast chats and interactions. At each event, a Snowflake customer narrates the series of activities and tasks undertaken at their organization for digital transformation and data analytics.

For a multi-national organization like AT&T, Snowflake fits right into their current roadmap for data management, AI and analytics. With Snowflake, AT&T managed to simplify their traditional data environment on-premise. They brought in Snowflake to improve the operating environment, in terms of both speed and cost. AT&T now benefits from Snowflake’s cloud-first, cloud native, super-elastic data management and services.

Learn from hundreds of Snowflake customers on how they bring in the power of Snowflake Data Cloud to integrate their full-stack enterprise data and IT tools with ease of collaboration and security.

Here’s a list of customers that Snowflake serves currently.

Reason 6: Chance to Become a Snowflake Genius

AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure are renowned Snowflake Cloud partners. Deloitte, Accenture, Infosys, NTT Data, EY and Capgemini are Snowflake’s service partners. Technology partners include big names such as Matillion, Informatica, Talend, Tableau, Fivetran, Alteryx, Salesforce, Alation and Sisense.

As a data professional, you can’t miss the tons of insights and ideas emerging from Snowflake’s joint customer wins with its partners.

We all know what it means to adopt a “well-begun-is-half-done” approach.

Snowflake’s Data for Breakfast provides a great landing spot to data professionals looking for innovative ways to implement Snowflake correctly right from the beginning. The global event empowers attendees and guest to learn about partner offerings, and see live in action what these partners do to Snowflake platforms at the genius bar.

To find an event near you, click here and join the Data for Breakfast global event series from Snowflake.

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