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CostCertified Taps 1build’s Live Construction Data API to Power AutoCost

CostCertified Taps 1build's Live Construction Data API to Power AutoCost

1build, the only API for live construction cost data, announced it has partnered with CostCertified to power its state-of-the-art estimating software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for residential construction. 1build is quickly becoming the go-to data provider for the construction industry. Its modern API offers instant access to over 68 million live data points, including up-to-the-minute costs of construction materials, labor, and equipment costs for every county in the United StatesCostCertified will use 1build to provide customers with a new feature, AutoCost – enabling contractors to get live, localized pricing for a bid’s total cost.

“As the housing market continues to fluctuate, pricing for construction materials remains a moving target for contractors. Access to software that leverages the latest, most accurate data is an absolute necessity for today’s builders,” said 1build Founder and CEO Dmitry Alexin. “With 1build, CostCertified customers will now be able to create their estimates faster and with more confidence in the accuracy of their costs. By leveraging 1build, CostCertified can deliver a true competitive advantage to contractors using their platform in this ever-changing environment.”

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While raw material costs have turned the corner and are starting to decrease, they remain incredibly volatile throughout the year due to economic uncertainty and inflation. Having the most accurate pricing data for materials is even more critical than ever to the success of any residential project. Powered by 1build, contractors using CostCertified‘s AutoCost can add material requirements for upcoming bids within the platform and instantly retrieve the most up-to-date prices for more than 25,000 items with the click of a button, regardless of location.

“Residential construction has suffered the brunt of supply chain issues the last few years. The struggle to keep current with construction materials costs has impacted build times, hurt consumer confidence, and made it hard for the industry to keep up with demand,” said CostCertified Founder and CEO Mike Bignold. “We are excited to add 1build as part of our AutoCost product and continue to offer contractors the fastest and easiest way to sell and manage construction services. This will enable our members to save time, build trust, and ensure profitability on every bid.”

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