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New 6U VPX Carrier Cards Host Dual XMC Modules to Support a Wide Variety of Signal Processing and Computing Options

New 6U VPX Carrier Cards Host Dual XMC Modules to Support a Wide Variety of Signal Processing and Computing Options
Acromag’s new VPX carriers route power and bus signals to two plug-in XMC mezzanine modules with a 16-lane Gen 3 PCIe interface to enable a broad range of FPGA, GPU, I/O, and CPU combinations.

Acromag expands their OpenVPX carrier card selection with the addition of two new models that provide a simple and cost-effective solution for interfacing XMC modules to a VPX computer system. The VPX4840 and VPX4850 feature two XMC slots with support for front or rear panel I/O. They are available with VITA 42, VITA 61, or VITA 88 connectors to route power and interface bus signals to the plug-in mezzanine modules. Both models support a choice of direct PCIe connection to the VPX backplane via the data or expansion plane.

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The XMC sites have a 16-lane PCIe bus Gen 3 interface enabling rapid data throughput. By inserting XMC mezzanine modules on the carrier, including XMC processor (prXMC) modules, developers can now leverage hundreds of available function modules currently unavailable in a VPX platform. Pricing starts at $3995 for an air-cooled version with a 0 to 55°C range. Models with extended temperature ranges or conduction cooling support are also available.

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“With two XMC sites, system integrators can combine FPGA, GPU, I/O, avionics, communication, and even prXMC modules to create custom computing boards in a single slot” states Robert Greenfield, Acromag’s Business Development Manager.

Designed and manufactured in the USA these carriers are ideal for high-performance aerospace, defense, scientific research, and industrial systems requiring high-speed I/O.

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