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Hitachi Power Semiconductor Device Develops High-Voltage Motor Driver IC Products

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To help improve the energy-efficiency/energy-saving of home appliances that are used in the area suffering from unstable power supply voltage

Hitachi Power Semiconductor Device, Ltd. (HPSD) has developed two High-Voltage Motor Driver ICs primarily for room air-conditioners. The single-chip IC products ‘ECN30216’ & ‘ECN30624’ are able to tolerate large variation of supply voltage. Both products possess the function of shutting down all the output devices when overvoltage is detected in the motor drive state and thereby achieves the withstanding voltage of 1,000V. “ECN30216” is mainly for the fan-motors used for in-room units of air-conditioners, and “ECN30624” is principally for those of exterior units. The products are to be shipped out as of Jun. 2022. Through providing these products, HPSD will globally support the energy- efficiency/energy-saving of home appliances including room air-conditioners in order to contribute to realizing Carbon-Free Society.

Motor Driver IC 'ECN30216(Left)' & 'ECN30624(Right)'
Motor Driver IC ‘ECN30216(Left)’ & ‘ECN30624(Right)’
Hitachi Power Semiconductor

A High-Voltage Motor Driver IC is one of those components mounted on an inverter control board which keeps proper operation of motors installed in home appliances such as room air- conditioners or air-cleaners, and is indispensable power semiconductor device for highly efficient, energy-saving home appliances. On the other hand, in some areas where rapid increase of demand for inverter air-conditioners is expected, it is required to develop the power semiconductor devices which bear sizable fluctuation of power supply voltage.

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This time, HPSD has developed the High-Voltage Motor Driver IC having the withstanding voltage of 1000V which is realized by implementing the function to disable all the output devices which supply the driving power to the motor upon detecting excessive power supply voltage in the motor drive state. In addition, unique design of new upper arm(1) drive circuit has made it possible to include the capacitor inside the driver IC, eliminating two external capacitors required for conventional such products, and thereby saving space to improve customer’s freedom of designing motor or inverter control board for home appliances.

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HPSD has supplied its power electronics products for Mobility application such as Traction, and EV so far, but is accelerating its development activities of the products having high environmental values for the realization of Carbon-Free Society. The company will continue to contribute to actualizing Carbon-Free Society through developing and providing the power semiconductor devices that help cut down the power consumption, and CO2 emission.

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