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Ekinops Partners With b<>com To Develop Future Access Network Solutions

Ekinops Partners With bcom To Develop Future Access Network Solutions

Ekinops, a leading network access and virtualization specialist, has announced a new research collaboration with the French innovation center b<>com. The collaboration, which utilizes b<>com’s private-public partnership model, will see the two organizations work together to develop technologies for private cloud infrastructures with use cases in eHealth, artificial intelligence and telecoms.

Long time partners, Ekinops and b<>com have previously cooperated on optical transport solutions. This latest initiative will take a new approach to network access in a bid to evolve the field so that it may address a broader range of innovative, intelligent routing requirements resulting from the digitalization of cities, transportation, retail, health, energy distribution, and many others while continuing to operate within existing telecoms networks.

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The collaboration will focus on developing new generations of hardware and software platforms using a bare-metal “service containers” approach that optimizes resource allocation while meeting evolving connectivity demands in solutions that are robust, compact and easily integrated into any environment. It will also look to develop solutions that are flexible enough to host services that can support IoT or Edge Computing use cases, such as real-time pattern or object recognition, Cloud services while offering 4G, 5G or fiber access. 

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“Having already successfully applied virtualization to business use cases with our OneOS6-LIM technology, this new research collaboration will allow us to address different environments and services. A bare-metal integrated container approach in OneOS6 would offer the benefits of both worlds of physical (pCPE) and virtualized (uCPE) platforms,” comments Sylvain Quartier, VP Marketing & Product Strategy Access at Ekinops. “We are delighted to have found with b<>com, once again, ambitious technological innovation supporting companies, and it is with great motivation that we continue our collaboration with their experts,” he adds.

“Our ambition is to imagine the private networks of tomorrow while meeting the needs of companies today,” says Mathieu Lagrange, Director of Networks and Security at b<>com. “The challenges of the transformation that lies ahead are numerous, whether it is AI or real-time computing, for example, to serve the performance, resilience and security of these future networks. The results of our joint research will probably be applied first to very demanding uses in terms of security and processing of high-definition video streams with very low latency, for example in the healthcare field,” he concludes.

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