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VMware Expands Tanzu to Accelerate App Delivery at Enterprise Scale

VMware Expands Tanzu to Accelerate App Delivery at Enterprise Scale

New Tanzu Intelligence Services bring ML/AI capabilities for deeper insights and proactive optimization of cost, performance and governance

VMware, Inc. introduced a suite of powerful new offerings across VMware Tanzu to provide customers with a complete solution to develop, deliver, and optimize apps across clouds. Tanzu is a modular solution underpinned by a common data platform and control, with support for open interfaces that enable broad ecosystem integrations. With a focus on application-centric visibility, proactive optimization, and multi-cloud management, Tanzu platform now brings together existing Tanzu and Aria products with new integrations, innovations and portfolio enhancements to revolutionize application delivery.

“Tanzu and Aria are now evolving into the next generation of Tanzu Application Platform and the new Tanzu Intelligence Services. With an application-centric focus and integration through common data and controls, VMware Tanzu is providing a streamlined platform engineering and cloud operations experience, and better software agility.”

Modern applications and multi-cloud are at the heart of digital transformation. VMware research shows more than 70% of CIOs are developing net-new cloud native apps, and modern apps designed for the any-cloud model have now overtaken traditional apps in the enterprise. Business leaders are keenly aware that software agility and speed to market are critical to a business’s ability to compete successfully and grow revenue. As a result, businesses are prioritizing application modernization strategies and newer technologies such as AI, machine learning, Kubernetes, open-source solutions, and multi-cloud ecosystems to gain a competitive edge.

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“Applications are a driving force behind the most innovative businesses and best-in-class customer experiences. Delivering apps at scale can be an immense undertaking and it is becoming increasingly complex. Our goal is to increase our customers’ business agility by accelerating application development, delivery and management,” said Purnima Padmanabhan, senior vice president and general manager, Modern Apps and Management Business Group, VMware. “Tanzu and Aria are now evolving into the next generation of Tanzu Application Platform and the new Tanzu Intelligence Services. With an application-centric focus and integration through common data and controls, VMware Tanzu is providing a streamlined platform engineering and cloud operations experience, and better software agility.”

The Next Evolution of Tanzu Application Platform

VMware Tanzu Application Platform customizes the developer experience and streamlines app delivery. Today, VMware is announcing Tanzu Application Platform now combines new innovations for platform engineering and operations with the existing capabilities of Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations to help companies deliver a world-class internal platform. The expanded Tanzu Application Platform includes:

  • The new VMware Tanzu Application Engine (beta), which will introduce a powerful capability for application teams to request business requirements such as high availability, more secure connectivity, and scalability. Platform engineering will be able to embed these requirements into a curated Application Space that automatically and continuously enforces them at runtime, even across different Kubernetes clusters and clouds.
  • Enhanced multi-cloud Kubernetes operations through new lifecycle management for Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) in addition to AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, and cluster cost visibility for Kubernetes FinOps powered by VMware Tanzu CloudHealth.
  • A developer portal that extends curated app templates and more secure supply chain automation with the ability to further customize the experience with beta support for an ecosystem of open source and DIY Backstage plugins.
  • An enhanced enterprise developer experience with Spring Framework 6, Spring Boot 3, new .NET Core support, and deeper IDE integration.
  • A new platform engineer admin console to configure and operate Tanzu Application Platform capabilities and applications.

Discovery Limited, a leading global health insurance provider, is using Tanzu Application Platform for internal customers, with a focus on making them successful and then adapting and evolving as needed. According to Johan Marais, senior platform services manager at Discovery Limited, “VMware Tanzu solutions have enabled us to revolutionize our app platform, strengthen our cloud security, and reduce our public cloud spending by 40 percent. We’re committed to continuing to leverage these powerful solutions to better serve our customers.”

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Introducing VMware Tanzu Intelligence Services

Managing applications across clouds is a web of data and technology complexity. Distributed silos of tools and data make it difficult to gain visibility into the dependencies between applications, infrastructure, and services. Centralizing management of these disparate systems and enabling shared data helps eliminate silos. This empowers teams to respond more quickly to issues, and to continuously tune applications and environments using deep and actionable insights.

The new Tanzu Intelligence Services includes portions of the VMware Aria portfolio with the common data platform to supercharge platform engineering and cloud operations. Tanzu Intelligence Services proactively optimizes cost, performance, and security of applications across clouds with integrated ML/AI capabilities. VMware today unveiled the following innovations and enhancements:

  • VMware Tanzu with Intelligent Assist (tech preview) will improve operations from reactive to proactive and dramatically streamlines operational workflows by providing a conversational chatbot experience powered by generative AI that leverages the federated data architecture across VMware Tanzu Hub’s integrated solutions.
  • VMware Tanzu CloudHealth will enable deeper cost savings through ML-powered forecasting (beta) to improve budget planning and dynamic Kubernetes rightsizing without downtime.
  • VMware Tanzu Insights will empower operations teams to better troubleshoot and resolve issues with holistic visibility and deeper ML/AI powered insights across distributed Kubernetes, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure environments. Initial availability planned for Q3 FY24.
  • VMware Tanzu Guardrails improves multi-cloud governance through new policy-based automation to create landing zones on AWS and Azure and introduces automated policy enforcement.
  • VMware Tanzu Transformer increases success of app migration and modernization initiatives with support for migration assessment and planning to VMware Clouds and public clouds with planning workflows. APIs for 3rd-party integrations are being released in beta.

VMware Aria continues to provide cloud management solutions with the Aria Automation and Aria Operations product families for VMware Cloud based infrastructure environments. Aria Universal Suite is available standalone and as part of the VMware Cloud Editions.

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