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Virtana Unveils CloudMonitor: Delivering Cloud-Based Centralized Visibility for Hybrid, Multi-Vendor, and Multi-Cloud Infrastructure Environments

Virtana Unveils CloudMonitor: Delivering Cloud-Based Centralized Visibility for Hybrid, Multi-Vendor, and Multi-Cloud Infrastructure Environments

Virtana, a leading technology provider accelerating hybrid infrastructure innovation with artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps), announced the release of Virtana CloudMonitor. This new product capability reduces the complexity of monitoring and managing hybrid IT environments across on-premises, colocation, and public cloud workloads. This offering further expands Virtana’s leadership presence in a new segment defined by Gartner called Digital Platform Conductor (DPC) tools. DPC tools are core to IT operations management (ITOM), a market Gartner estimates to be approximately $39 billion.

Virtana CloudMonitor revolutionizes how businesses obtain an end-to-end SaaS-based global panoramic view of their hybrid infrastructure, enabling them to get the most out of their multi-vendor computing, networking, storage, cloud, virtual machines (VM), containers, databases, and more in hybrid and multi-cloud IT infrastructure environments.

With CloudMonitor, customers realize rapid improvements to mean-time-to-detect (MTTD), decreasing their mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) by an average of 90%. CloudMonitor also helps organizations make better decisions about their infrastructure investments and ensure they have adequate capacity to support growth and performance without sacrificing IT budgets.

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As more organizations adopt a hybrid infrastructure approach to their IT infrastructure, managing performance and capacity requirements in the silo of a specific workload is no longer feasible. IT leaders want a single platform that automatically discovers what is within their global estate, allowing them to gain accurate and real-time insights into the health of their overall environment.

Given the multiple vendors that IT leaders work with to develop their infrastructure, they also look to implement a streamlined IT operational model and reduce the number of tools they use to manage that infrastructure. In addition, organizations are focused on proactively planning capacity requirements that empower them to invest in what they need to accelerate business growth while staying within budget.

CloudMonitor addresses these needs by providing organizations with a global view of their estate, including the leading hyperscalers, and delivers insights as a part of the Virtana SaaS platform. With CloudMonitor, organizations can now stream data, including usage rates and alarm occurrences for applications, from multiple infrastructure types, eliminating individual data silos and simplifying how IT leaders monitor their hybrid environment.

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With Virtana’s unified CloudMonitor solution, IT leaders can:

  • Detect which parts of their infrastructure support their mission-critical applications, thereby identifying their most critical infrastructure.
  • Proactively plan for capacity needs and avoid overprovisioning hardware infrastructure by purchasing what they need, reducing infrastructure spend by approximately 15%.
  • Provide centralized visibility and management of an organization’s entire on-premises infrastructure.
  • Reduce mean-time-to-detect (MTTD) by an average of 95%, empowering IT to discover and correct anomalies before they become issues.
  • Up-level alarm occurrence data for each application and components related to an application.
  • Enable faster mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) by an average of 90%, so critical applications can stay available for longer periods of time.

“The extension of Virtana Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM) with CloudMonitor provides our customers with an unmatched solution that delivers a centralized, panoramic view of their hybrid, multi-vendor, and multi-cloud infrastructure. With CloudMonitor, our technology partners and channels can accelerate their as-a-service offerings as enterprise customers strive to innovate and succeed in highly complex multi-vendor and multi-cloud environments,” said Kash Shaikh, President and CEO of Virtana.

Kash added, “CloudMonitor accelerates the rate businesses can innovate within their competitive industries and helps simplify and optimize their hybrid-platform environment. This new capability gives our customers unparalleled panoramic observability across on-premises and public clouds, making it easier than ever to get more from their existing infrastructure.”

In addition to the release of CloudMonitor, Virtana continues to demonstrate its expertise in Kubernetes management. Virtana helps organizations more effectively manage Kubernetes with a suite of tools designed to provide visibility, control, and cost optimization over their Kubernetes and container environments. This allows businesses to optimize their hybrid cloud environments and achieve better performance, costs, reliability, and security.

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