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VIAVI Partners with Google Cloud to Provide Cloud-Based Network Intelligence and Optimization

VIAVI Partners with Google Cloud to Provide Cloud-Based Network Intelligence and Optimization

Viavi Solutions announced the availability of NITRO AIOps on Google Cloud, creating an innovative solution that leverages VIAVI cutting-edge network analytics solutions and Google Cloud’s native service capabilities. The collaboration aims to address critical challenges faced by Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and unlock new opportunities for network intelligence and optimization. The solution will be demonstrated at TMForum’s DTW23 – Ignite in Copenhagen,

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Digital transformation has set the industry on the journey to realize a new operational model that leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, and network orchestration and automation. NITRO AIOps empowers CSPs to evolve their legacy NOC to Dark NOC and delivers end-to-end network visibility across a wide range of network platforms, including those for cloud and IoT. 

The critical challenges addressed by NITRO AIOps include:

  • Network Performance Optimization: NITRO AIOps enables CSPs to proactively monitor and optimize network performance. By identifying potential bottlenecks and anomalies, CSPs can take timely actions to ensure seamless network operations and consistent, high-quality service delivery.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: With granular insights into customer behavior and usage patterns, the solution allows CSPs to tailor services to individual preferences. This results in personalized offerings, improved customer satisfaction, and increased loyalty.
  • Capacity Planning and Resource Management: The solution’s AI-driven analytics aids CSPs in effective capacity planning and resource management. By optimizing network resources, CSPs can achieve better resource utilization and cost efficiency.
  • Real-Time Anomaly Detection: AIOps empowers CSPs with real-time issue detection, enabling swift response to network anomalies and potential service disruptions, minimizing downtime and enhancing network reliability.
  • Predictive Maintenance and Quality Assurance: By predicting potential network issues and faults, the solution helps CSPs adopt a proactive approach to maintenance and quality assurance, ultimately leading to improved service quality and reduced operational costs.

“VIAVI constantly strives to provide innovative solutions and purposeful industry partnerships that address emerging opportunities in our markets. This partnership enables the transition to cloud-based networks with end-to-end visibility. Working with Google Cloud, we are pleased to offer critical problem-solving solutions for service providers as part of their native cloud services,” said Deepak Shahane, Vice President and General Manager, Service Enablement, VIAVI. “As this partner demonstration shows, we aim to enable the industry to leverage VIAVI capabilities to improve operations and management that includes fully validated, provisioned, and observable networks in any use case.”

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VIAVI NITRO AIOps offers a comprehensive suite of advanced analytics tools tailored for CSPs. With real-time data collection and analysis, the solution provides deep insights into network performance, customer behavior, and service quality. Utilizing advanced algorithms and machine learning, NITRO AIOps empowers CSPs to make data-driven decisions, optimize their networks, and enhance customer experiences.

Beyond AIOps, the VIAVI portfolio includes a growing line of cloud-hosted and cloud-enabling solutions that are unmatched in breadth and help keep customers’ business moving before, during, and after migration to the cloud. This includes the most comprehensive test suite on the market for lab validation, field deployment and service assurance of O-RAN networks, Fusion automated testing, Private Network Intelligence, the ONMSi remote fiber test system, and Observer network performance monitoring and diagnostics. Many of these solutions are enabled by the Network Integrated Test, Real-Time Analytics and Optimization (NITRO) platform and are available today directly and through critical partners such as Google Cloud.

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