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Vention Opens its Cloud Platform to Python Programmers

Vention Opens its Cloud Platform to Python Programmers

Vention, the company behind the cloud-based Manufacturing Automation Platform (MAP), is proud to unveil its latest automation technology breakthrough with the enhanced code-free and Python programming environment within MachineLogic.

This continuum of programming options offered within MachineLogic, from code-free automation for emerging automation practitioners to Python programming for automation experts, empowers all programmers to automate through a streamlined process. Our enhanced code-free programming environment lowers the barrier to automation through improved navigability and editing of your application. Our native Python integration allows programmers to automate their systems within the integrated MAP environment for a seamless transition from design to automation. The integration also eliminates the need for separate environments and ensures a smooth and efficient deployment experience.

“The code-free and Python programming environment within MachineLogic is a breakthrough in automation technology, making industrial automation accessible to all manufacturers,” said Etienne Lacroix, CEO of Vention. “Experienced or beginner programmers can effortlessly program their automated equipment within MachineLogic with their preferred language.”

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Unlock automation programming with MachineLogic’s Python integration

Vention unveils the latest breakthrough in automation programming with native integration of Python functionalities within MachineLogic. Python programmers can effortlessly code, simulate, and deploy automation equipment from their web browsers to the factory floor. This powerful tool allows users to write code, simulate programs in-browser, and seamlessly deploy to machines without tedious import statements and initialization steps.

Key features:

  • Streamlined automated equipment management: Benefit from pre-built classes for efficient control of machine actions, along with automatic header generation for quick program initialization and machine configuration.
  • Enhanced programming experience: Program your application using well-known and documented Python syntax, but with the addition of auto-completion and access to documentation and examples for an enhanced programming experience.
  • Connectivity and simulation: Communicate with external devices using MTTQ or HTTP protocols and leverage machine simulation directly within the web browser for testing and visualization purposes.

“We are excited to introduce native Python integration in MachineLogic, enabling Python programmers to take automation programming to new heights,” said Simon Metivier, Product Manager at Vention. “By leveraging the familiarity and versatility of Python, users can now program their machines easily and efficiently, regardless of their experience level.

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Empower automation programming, simulation, and deployment with the enhanced MachineLogic release

Vention‘s new addition lowers the barrier to automation by providing an intuitive code-free environment for programming, simulating, and deploying applications from your web browser to the factory floor. This new release has an enhanced user interface designed to streamline the automation programming process. Now, all manufacturers can easily and confidently program their machines without the need for complex coding or reliance on robot and PLC programming handbooks.

Key features:

  • Seamless Communication: Built-in MQTT and HTTP capabilities enable easy interfacing with other industrial devices, creating interconnected workflows and optimizing productivity across systems.
  • Streamlined Experience: From simulation to operation, users can simulate inputs/outputs, create interactive HMIs, and program motion directly in their web browser. No lengthy setups or separate software installations are required.
  • Effortless Deployment: Integrated with MachineCloud, the Visual Sequence Editor allows seamless deployment over the cloud. Say goodbye to complex hardware configurations and enjoy a swift transition from simulation to real-world operation.

“We are thrilled to introduce this new feature to the automation industry,” said Francois Giguere, VP of Automation at Vention. “This cutting-edge tool empowers individuals and businesses to embrace automation without being limited by technical expertise. By eliminating the coding barrier, we are unlocking a new level of accessibility and efficiency in automation programming.”

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