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Unqork Announces Latest Major Enterprise No-Code Platform Update, Unqork 2021.10

Unqork Announces Latest Major Enterprise No-Code Platform Update, Unqork 2021.10
Unqork 2021.10 strengthens enterprise-grade security infrastructure with the launch of Unqork Private Cloud and adds more features to help enterprise developers build better software, faster

Unqork, the leading enterprise no-code platform, announced the release of Unqork 2021.10, its second major platform update of 2021. Unqork 2021.10 deepens and expands the benefits that enterprise customers value in Unqork, through new features that empower creators to build complex mission-critical applications even faster, new testing capabilities, an enhanced enterprise-grade security infrastructure and more. Unqork 2021.10 was unveiled today at Unqork Create, the first enterprise no-code conference.

Included in Unqork 2021.10 is the launch of Unqork Private Cloud, with support of Amazon Web Services (AWS) PrivateLink and Microsoft Azure PrivateLink,  which provides a direct, secure connection between Unqork and a customer’s cloud, such that that traffic never leaves their private networks. Connecting private networks enables Unqork Private Cloud use cases that span multiple cloud regions and even an enterprise data center when customers combine PrivateLinks with on-prem connections like AWS Direct Connect and Azure Express Route. The release also introduces industry-first features like a new Testing Tool to streamline testing across cross-functional stakeholders, a new Grid System for aggregating, organizing, presenting, and easy editing of data, a Parallel Execution feature to support simultaneous business processes and a new Discovery Hub for developers and business users to track, prioritize, and measure ROI of all projects.

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“At Unqork, we understand the technology and business challenges that today’s enterprises are facing. I lived them myself as a Fortune 50 CIO and we’ve built the platform I needed in that role,”  said Gary Hoberman, founder and CEO, Unqork. “We are constantly improving Unqork to provide businesses with a better way to build enterprise software, and Unqork 2021.10 is a perfect example of what makes our platform so unique and powerful. The core value-prop, an enterprise no-code platform that enables you to bring higher-quality software to market faster, is enhanced by a focus on enterprise-grade security and features like testing and ROI measurement that ensure your technology is driving the business forward. We are on a journey to eliminate legacy code for our customers and this release is another big step forward.”

Best in Class Cloud Security

Unqork Private Cloud is an enhanced security infrastructure that allows customers to pass data securely between Unqork and their private resources, without ever leaving their private network and traversing the public internet. Unqork Private Cloud works through PrivateLink with AWS and Azure clouds, providing the world’s top businesses with enhanced cloud security while maintaining the cloud-agnostic flexibility of Unqork. Unqork Private Cloud effectively provides integration with private resources and avoids the need for new endpoints on the public internet, enhancing overall cloud security and unlocking more application use cases. Customers using Unqork Private Cloud also benefit from improved application performance, by keeping communication within the same region and through the same cloud provider’s private network.

The security benefits of Unqork Private Cloud are built upon the already-enhanced security profile of applications built in Unqork’s no-code platform, which benefit from significantly higher-quality than applications that rely on writing code.

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Unified Testing from a Single Dashboard

Unqork’s new Testing Tool provides a central, streamlined dashboard for users across an enterprise to initiate, track and automate testing. Within many enterprises, testing is a segmented process, spread across different teams (e.g AppDev, QA, DevOps), leading to inconsistencies or redundancies, with vulnerabilities sometimes going undetected. Unqork’s new Testing Tool brings all testing information into one central dashboard, allowing for enhanced visibility and coordination, resulting in higher-quality applications. The Testing Tool tracks all tests and outcomes, and allows for tests to be run automatically and simultaneously. Impacted teams are automatically notified of any status changes or test failures, so they can quickly address issues and be aware of any interdependencies with their colleagues.

Do More With Enterprise Data

Unqork’s new Grid System provides customers with new tools to build rich interfaces, manage and present data, and enable new workloads. Unqork’s Grid System quickly aggregates high-volumes of data from multiple sources, storing everything in a central repository, enabling end-users to analyze data and surface insights faster than ever before. Previously, businesses were limited to manually entering data into static spreadsheets. The grid system is dynamic, meaning users can embed any Unqork’s component such as buttons or logic to run critical business processes. Deeply integrated with Unqork’s component ecosystem, developers can even build new workflows on top of the Grid System, allowing developers to not only build new UX and UI patterns but also service bespoke business requirements faster than ever before.

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