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Teradata Expands Data Analytics Offerings on Google Cloud

Teradata Expands Data Analytics Offerings on Google Cloud
New integration with Dataflow augments interoperability with over a dozen other Google Cloud first-party services, while Teradata QueryGrid connectivity enables a much broader cloud ecosystem
Consumption pricing now offered for Vantage on Google Cloud customers interested in tying cost to value by paying only for resources used during customer-initiated activities

Teradata, the connected multi-cloud data platform for enterprise analytics, announced a set of enhancements for Teradata Vantage on Google Cloud, making it easier for Teradata customers to use the Google Cloud services they prefer in a Consumption pricing model. The platform enhancements highlight Teradata’s commitment to its Google Cloud offering, as well as its commitment to provide Vantage customers with the choice, integration, and consistency they need to leverage their modern data platform in the cloud.

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Teradata provides customers with a multi-cloud data platform enabling rich analytics, real-time data intelligence and connection to the familiar business intelligence (BI), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) services they need to build and operate new applications. Software consistency – for all Vantage environments – means that customers who want to modernize their data analytic ecosystem by migrating workloads and capabilities into Google Cloud can use Teradata Vantage with their preferred Google Cloud tools and services. Such capabilities enable customers to perform bespoke enterprise analytics on all available data – whether in Vantage, Google Cloud Storage, Dataproc, or myriad other data stores. It’s now possible for customers to replace their old processes with native Google Cloud services without disrupting the use of Teradata Vantage as the data analytics engine. Teradata customers often run data workloads at the largest scale across almost all industries and typically require the performance and value that Vantage offers to run a modern data warehouse in the cloud.

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“Organizations want access to all of their data – regardless of where it lives – and must analyze and visualize data using cloud services across a consistent data platform. At Teradata, we o**** data freedom to our customers so they can use Vantage to enable the apps and services they are building with their favorite Google Cloud capabilities in their DevOps workflows,” said Barry Russell, SVP Business Development and GM of Cloud at Teradata. “We continue to prioritize cloud-first development across the entire company. Since launching our Google Cloud offering last year, we have been helping numerous customers around the globe migrate and modernize their cloud data warehouses.”

Subscriptions to Vantage on Google Cloud include the latest Teradata software, Google Cloud compute and storage resources, and environment management. Using Vantage for data analytics means customers can respond quickly to emerging situations while freeing up OpEx and time to focus on more valuable activities. Teradata handles performance, security, availability, and operations of a customer’s analytics infrastructure using Google Cloud resources.

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