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Prosimo Unveils Cloud Cost 360, Empowering Enterprises to Conquer Cloud Network Costs

Prosimo Unveils Cloud Cost 360, Empowering Enterprises to Conquer Cloud Network Costs
  • Leveraging deep insights about every network flow across regions and cloud providers, Prosimo enables precise cost visibility for data egress, shared cloud-native infrastructure tools and security services.

  • Enables cloud platform owners to chargeback to their application teams based on traffic usage, resources, and cloud-native identities such as tags, accounts, and logical groups.

  • Implements cost control & higher quality decisions – makes it easier to route traffic across all available paths, such as cloud backbone, and private connections from digital infrastructure providers, such as Equinix and Telco partners.

Prosimo, a leader in Multi-Cloud Networking, is transforming the landscape of Cloud Cost Management with its Cloud Cost 360 suite, a groundbreaking approach that offers unparalleled insights into Networking costs, egress data charges and highlights significant cost savings achieved by effectively utilizing all available paths, such as cloud backbone and private connections built across clouds.

Network costs are 17% on average of overall cloud expenses and a top concern for cloud budget owners and FinOps. Traditionally, cloud cost platforms and Cloud native visibility tools have primarily focused on compute costs and overlooked the intricate details of networking expenses. Prosimo addresses this challenge by providing advanced visibility into networking costs within and across clouds.

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“Cloud networking costs are a new area for business to consider. Working with multiple cloud providers is right for most companies, but that opens them up to data egress charges,” said Andy Linham, Senior Strategist at Vodafone Business at Vodafone Business. “Observability and accountability are key to reducing the impact of these costs, and that’s where a full stack solution brings massive benefits.”

The Top 3 Gaps in Cloud Networking Cost Management

The growing complexity of configuring and managing cloud-native services leads to cloud waste and questions about optimizing cloud costs. Despite the plethora of visibility and observability tools, three key unanswered questions persist in current solutions.

  1. How can I access my Cloud Network costs (by cloud account, resource, bytes/bandwidth, app, etc.)?
  2. Can a chargeback model be implemented for B.U.’s (by app, account, shared service – firewall)?
  3. While getting visibility is one thing – How do I remediate i.e., by enabling cost-effective traffic path optimization for applications running across different cloud providers?

Unlocking Total Visibility and Cloud-Native Advantages

Prosimo excels in providing unmatched multi-cloud visibility by abstracting individual cloud provider intricacies and orchestrating cloud-native network resources. Positioned uniquely in the traffic datapath, Prosimo offers comprehensive visibility (L4-7) and streamlined connectivity, ultimately reducing time to value and saving on cloud costs.

“Cloud networking accounts for over 17% of the estimated monthly cloud expenses for enterprises. As an example, one of our recent customers, who was onboarded with several hundred VPC/VNETs, experienced network and data transfer charges exceeding $300K,” said Mani Ganesan, Head of Product, Prosimo. “This aspect is critical for cloud platform teams and Cloud FinOps, striving to understand, chargeback, and optimize costs while maintaining peak performance for cloud-based apps and services. Prosimo addresses this critical issue through its distinct ability to attribute every network flow to an app owner and optimize the paths they could take to minimize costs”.

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Value #1: Get Cloud Native Visibility by Accounts, Regions, and Clouds

Prosimo dives deep into network flows, particularly from an app-centric standpoint, connecting them to respective application owners using cloud-native identities. This enables Cloud Teams to monitor usage patterns, track resource utilization, and gain valuable insights into data traffic. Consequently, this facilitates well-informed decision-making and efficient resource allocation.

Furthermore, it equips cloud networking leaders to answer critical questions such as optimizing resource spending, enhancing network compute efficiency for spokeless architectures and ensuring visibility into elements like Egress Charges, NAT gateways charges, and appropriate sizing of security architectures.

This high level of insight empowers cloud budget owners and FinOps teams, enhancing their understanding and forecasting capabilities related to cloud usage.

Value #2: Deploy a Simple and Accurate Chargeback for Cloud Environments

Prosimo simplifies cloud usage management by streamlining the complexities inherent in shared app usage. It excels in precise cost allocation to apps or units based on usage patterns, ensuring clarity for effective chargeback models – to different application teams, business units, etc. Prosimo enhances visibility into usage patterns, resources, and associated costs, which is crucial for optimal chargeback strategies. It tackles intricate cloud provider pricing, empowering app owners with actionable insights for cost-effective decisions.

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Value #3: Use the Optimized Network Path for Cloud Application Traffic

Enterprises often overspend using the cloud provider’s pay-as-you-go model, especially when exceeding a modest 25 Mbps data transfer threshold, making private paths more cost-effective. However, these private paths (e.g. Enterprise WAN, Co-location providers) aren’t always fully utilized due to the lack of centralized control in managing various paths based on application and compliance needs.

Prosimo’s unique position in the data path offers a distinct advantage. By providing extensive visibility into user-to-app and app-to-app traffic, Prosimo effectively allows informed decision-making for optimizing networking expenses. It enables organizations to optimize costs by strategically leveraging private paths alongside public cloud backbones, taking regional and availability zone placements into account.

Unlock the potential of cloud cost optimization with Prosimo. Schedule a demo today to learn more about how Prosimo’s visionary approach can transform your cloud cost management. Plug our APIs into your existing cost dashboard and embark on a journey to drive down networking spend, utilizing private paths for maximal cost efficiency.

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