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Prosimo Disrupts MCN Market by Making Multi-Cloud Connectivity Free

Overcomes the Biggest Barriers to Enterprise Multi-Cloud Success: Cloud-Native Adoption and Multi-Cloud Connectivity Management

Prosimo launches Prosimo MCN Foundation, an industry-disrupting free Multi-Cloud Networking solution powered by its Cloud-Native Full Stack Platform. Prosimo has received accolades from Fortune 500 financial service companies and prominent enterprises for its exceptional cloud-native architecture. The MCN Foundation offering has garnered praise for its ability to deliver significant cost savings, surpassing $100,000 compared to commercial alternatives. By adopting this solution, businesses move to advanced MCN solutions from Prosimo that can achieve a remarkable 30-50% reduction in the total cost of ownership (TCO), potentially resulting in savings of millions of dollars.

Fig 1: The fastest path to App, PaaS, and Network Interconnectivity that includes Security and NetDevOps
Fig 1: The fastest path to App, PaaS, and Network Interconnectivity that includes Security and NetDevOps

MCN Foundation Accelerates Cloud Adoption

Enterprises progress through three key stages in their cloud journey. Stage 1 involves establishing reliable connectivity. In Stage 2, the focus shifts to supporting applications and services that utilize this connectivity. Finally, in Stage 3, enterprises genuinely reap the benefits of scalable cloud adoption. The current MCN solutions impose excessive time and financial burdens on enterprises due to complexities, lack of focus on applications/services, non-cloud-native operating models, and high licensing fees for Stage 1. These factors continue to hinder the Multi-Cloud Networking market’s growth and slow cloud migration.

Fig 2: What's included in Prosimo MCN Foundation
Fig 2: What’s included in Prosimo MCN Foundation

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The free MCN Foundation establishes itself as an undeniable starting point. As foundational Cloud Connectivity is delivered, Prosimo sets its sights on elevating the operating paradigm to the application layer and transitioning to a Service Networking environment. This transition enables seamless interconnectivity between applications and PaaS, addressing complex challenges like policy governance, segmentation, expediting app modernization, and optimizing cloud cost control.

“Establishing a consistent, repeatable and scalable way to build connectivity to one or more public clouds and ensuring full end-to-end visibility in these environments are two of the biggest challenges for enterprises. Organizations must overcome the complex and cumbersome legacy connectivity solutions that require significant resources, time, and money to create a multicloud network. Prosimo MCN Foundation democratizes multicloud networking, accelerating the adoption and ability to scale connections to multiple public clouds, while also enabling enterprises to remain in full control of its infrastructure and focus on higher-value outcomes,” said Bob Laliberte, Principal Analyst, Networking at ESG.

“94% of enterprise cloud-native workloads run on multicloud environments and have the desire to increase agility to accelerate business velocity, according to our research. Solving cloud connectivity is a foundational requirement that makes cloud networking transparent and eliminates friction between cloud networking and DevOps, empowering them to work more collaboratively. This enables enterprises to focus on the application and allows DevOps to accelerate cloud migration and deliver innovations aligned with business goals. Prosimo MCN Foundation provides enterprise cloud journeys by enabling organizations to build consistent connectivity and policies across clouds and provides a NetDevOps-centric path for self-service onboarding of applications,” said Paul Nashawaty, Principal Analyst, Infrastructure Modernization, Application Development and Modernization, at TechTarget Enterprise Strategy Group.

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Instant ROI with MCN Foundation

“Enterprises are unfortunately stuck today in stage-1 of cloud networking – building network highways and cannot focus on real value – applications, services, and users. The customers who have adopted Prosimo have moved past the initial stages quickly and can rapidly innovate using cloud-native networking,” said Ramesh Prabagaran, Co-founder and CEO at Prosimo. “30-50% savings is not something enterprises can ignore. Value is moving up the stack in cloud networking, and by democratizing MCN, we want to lead the charge to help enterprises get there quickly. Expect a lot of disruption in the market that is suppressed today by traditional approaches to cloud networking.”

Free Connectivity Empowers Enterprises to Soar!

Whether it’s instant $100,000 savings or a 30-50% TCO reduction – the starting point is simple and takes just a few clicks.

In <7 minutes, you will be able to build and operate your MCN:

  • Instant discovery and complete visibility into your cloud inventory
  • Cloud Native Connectivity
    • Orchestrate VNET/VPC connectivity and build transit using existing infrastructure in any cloud
    • Build consistent connectivity across clouds
    • Automatic route table updates
    • Enforce Network access policies that can span across regions and cloud
    • Day-0 automation with Terraform
  •   Faster MTTR
    • Complete Network Visibility
    • View Route and Session table across clouds
    • End-to-End Traceability
    • Diagnostics tools such as TCPDump, CURL, Cloud Traceroute, and Ping
  • Be ready for NetDevOps
    • Unified Terraform automation
    • CI/CD integration
    • Self-service onboarding for developers

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