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Parry Labs’ Stellar Relay Launching New Form Factors to Deliver to the Edge

Parry Labs' Stellar Relay Launching New Form Factors to Deliver to the Edge

Parry Labs, LLC is expanding their Stellar Relay Family of Systems with a new ultra-compact form factor that delivers cloud-native computing to platforms previously constrained by size, weight, and power limitations.

Building upon the high-performance Stellar Relay capabilities deployed on Parry Labs’ Common Compute Module (CCM) and Unified Mission Compute (UMC), the company extended its product line for smaller platforms with the newly announced Micro Common Compute Module (Micro CCM).

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Micro CCM, like its predecessors, is an integrated hardware and software solution that brings together unparalleled compute power, input/output extensibility, and AI/ML capacity to create a certifiable cloud-based infrastructure for autonomy, networking, artificial intelligence and navigation solutions. With best-in-class SWaP-C, Micro CCM is made for FTUAS, air-launched effects, stratospheric platforms, and other demanding unmanned aircraft, maritime, and ground systems. As part of the Stellar Relay Family, Micro CCM includes a feature rich suite of cloud-native capabilities proven with over 300 integrations of mission applications ranging from sensors, radios, A-PNT, and weapons effects.

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“The addition of Micro CCM to our suite of products allows us to bring the Stellar Relay Tactical Cloud to a new set of platforms,” said Parry Labs CEO John Parkes. “The need for modern edge computing is paramount to realizing DoD’s vision for JADC2 and autonomy.  Micro CCM will extend the digital foundation needed to achieve these goals.”

Micro CCM, along with the entire Stellar Relay Family of Systems, will be on display at the Parry Labs booth 3931 at the Association of the United States Army Annual Meeting and Exposition.

Parry is working with the U.S. Army program management office for unmanned systems to deploy Micro CCM. First deliveries are scheduled for Q4 2022, and the company is accepting orders for new deliveries in early 2023.

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