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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Adds to Growing List of Government Approved Cloud Services

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Adds to Growing List of Government Approved Cloud Services

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) has extended its list of services approved by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board (JAB), making more cloud services available to customers in the defense and intelligence community. Newly approved services include: Oracle Cloud Guard, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure OS Management, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database Management Service, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Network Load Balancer, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Operations Insights, Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes, Management Agent, and Tenant Manager.

“Oracle is committed to delivering secure, scalable, and high-performing cloud infrastructure and business applications that are built to meet the stringent security standards necessary to protect the federal government’s most sensitive data, and helps ensure mission success,” said Rand Waldron, vice president, Global Government Sector, Oracle.

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Adding to Oracle’s list of approved services

The newly approved services join a growing list of other DISA and FedRAMP Authorized Oracle offerings, including: Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Digital Assistant, and Oracle Cloud VMware Solution.

The following cloud services are now approved for use, within OCI’s offering, at DISA Impact Level 5 (IL5) and the FedRAMP High impact level:

  • Oracle Cloud Guard unifies security management with intuitive analysis of security vulnerabilities to help government customers quickly detect risk and simplify the path to remediation, helping them strengthen their security posture.
  • Tenant Manager simplifies administration and governance across tenancies, allowing governments to manage subscription sharing within a cloud.
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure OS Management helps significantly reduces the burden of managing operating system updates and patches as governments move on-premises solutions to the cloud through comprehensive monitoring and discovery.
  • Management Agent simplifies the collection of data from management agent hosts and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources to assist in analysis of activity across services.

The following cloud services are now approved for use within OCI’s FedRAMP Authorized (High) offering:

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database Management Service helps database administrators centrally manage on-premises and cloud databases with lifecycle database management capabilities for monitoring, performance management, tuning, and administration.
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Network Load Balancer manages HTTP/HTTPS traffic and provides advanced routing features that distribute requests based on the requests’ contents.
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Operations Insights uses machine-learning based analytics on historical and SQL data to help administrators forecast consumption, optimize resource use, avoid outages, and analyze statistics to make quick decisions about database and host capacity requirements.

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To attain these approved services, Oracle utilized a FedRAMP recognized third-party assessment organization (3PAO). The service offerings were then reviewed by technical representatives from DISA for IL5 provisional authorization, and by FedRAMP’s JAB for approval within OCI’s FedRAMP Authorized (High) offering.

FedRAMP is the federal government program that sets the standard for assessing, authorizing, and monitoring cloud systems’ security. Similarly, DISA offers a variety of compliance and security assessments to authorize cloud systems for use by DoD and federal organizations. By attaining authorization from both FedRAMP and DISA, Oracle’s government customers can be assured that Oracle’s cloud offerings have been thoroughly reviewed and approved by leading technology officials.

“As the department moves to gain information advantage across all warfighting domains, Oracle’s decades of data management experience and innovative cloud services provide the performance, security and agility needed to outpace adversaries,” said Kim Lynch, executive vice president, Government Defense and Intelligence, Oracle. “Oracle is committed to helping the DOD achieve its defense modernization priorities and stands ready to partner with the department to bring AI-enabled sensor-to-shooter capabilities, asset tasking, mission autonomy, and real-time decision advantage tools to the mission.”

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