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OpenText Aviator Reimagines Work with AI

OpenText Aviator Reimagines Work with AI

Innovations demonstrate the company’s commitment to advancing its vision through Cloud Editions 24.1 release

OpenText he information company, announced the release of its Cloud Editions 24.1, and with it, its latest OpenText Aviator innovations. OpenText Aviator powers multiple AI use cases by enabling secure information management and governance across knowledge bases without customers having to move their data. The new enhancements and integrations available in Cloud Editions 24.1 demonstrate the evolution of the strategic approach to how work can be reimagined with the application of AI to business workflows,


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The imperative to adopt AI now spans every industry and business sector, and it only continues to gain traction. By next year, Gartner predicts that 30% of major organizations will lean on AI-generated personalized content – an exponential leap from just 2% in 2022. Similarly, Gartner also forecasts that by 2026, specialized generative AI systems will automate 20% of routine tasks across diverse industries. This acceleration highlights AI’s prominent role in revolutionizing operations across all business sectors, and OpenText stands ready to support this transformative journey.

“The latest Cloud Editions launch isn’t just about enhancing our offerings or providing a solution. It’s about enabling a paradigm shift in how businesses operate, how industries evolve, and how we collectively engage with technology in this era of rapid transformation,” said Mark J. Barrenechea, CEO & CTO, OpenText. “Leveraging AI for impactful results depends on reliable data – without it, even the most skilled data scientists will struggle. By expanding the Aviator portfolio in conjunction with our world class information management platform, Cloud Editions 24.1 empowers customers with the tools and insights needed to get ahead.”

Now, being made available in Cloud Editions 24.1, OpenText has added the following enhancements to its Aviator portfolio:

  • OpenText Content Aviator™ now is available on OpenText Extended ECM™, integrating conversational search, summarization, and translation within content management. Recognizing that information retrieval can be both time-consuming and tedious for employees, this update enables customers to leverage generative AI technology to help accelerate content discovery, improving employee efficiency and productivity.
  • OpenText IT Operations Aviator™ on SMAX efficiently resolves common IT service requests, thus minimizing the need for support staff and reducing tier-one business costs. Learn more about the early adopter program here.
  • OpenText Thrust Studio™ is now open through an early access program. These new tools enable developers to design, build, and deploy applications utilizing OpenText Thrust APIs more seamlessly with enhanced workflows, permissions, and decision models. With CE 24.1, OpenText also introduces enhancements to its Thrust for Partner Program. The latest enhancements provide partners with new features in OpenText Thrust Studio including a more robust set of free APIs and additional support to help create industry-specific solutions. OpenText partners interested in joining the early access program can sign up here.

“In recent years, we have witnessed how AI can profoundly change the world. Today, it is more evident than ever before that AI is the guiding compass that is steering businesses toward better efficiency, profitability, and intelligence,” said David Milette, Cofounder and Chief Technology Evangelist at SQALogic Technologies Inc. “However, we are seeing in our industry that amidst AI’s incredible power lies a conundrum: testing an evolving AI technology requires fundamental changes in the way we approach Quality Assurance as practitioners. Harnessing AI’s tremendous potential demands a shift in responsibility and perspective; OpenText makes this simple. With its Aviator capabilities, our customers can seamlessly transform challenges into opportunities by gaining essential insights needed to identify and address potential issues, refine strategies, and ensure timely and successful deliveries.”

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From the first introduction of and OpenText Aviator in August 2023, the company quickly demonstrated its commitment to advancing its AI vision with the launch of its first set of Aviator capabilities to address multiple use cases across the enterprise:

OpenText Aviator for Business

  • OpenText IT Operations Aviator is a cutting-edge generative AI virtual agent for OpenText Service Management Automation X (SMAX).
  • OpenText DevOps Aviator™ enables organizations to deliver software at unparalleled velocity with the help of generative AI capabilities.
  • OpenText Content Aviator™ optimizes information retrieval in the workplace, making it more efficient and productive. The interactive chat interface and natural language queries enhances user productivity and streamlines content discovery.
  • OpenText Experience Aviator™ integrates Customer Communications Management (CCM) software with generative AI capabilities enabling marketing, communications and customer service support teams to produce well-formed and relevant material faster than ever, boosting development productivity.
  • OpenText Cybersecurity Aviator™ provides an innovative threat detection approach that combines machine learning models that automatically and continuously learn with rapid deployment, allowing new threat detection models to be in place within hours.
  • OpenText Business Network Aviator™ brings generative AI and large language models (LLMs) into the OpenText Business Network, placing the entire supply chain information flow into a single platform.

OpenText Aviator for Technologists

  • OpenText Aviator Platform offers a suite of tools and connectors to administer enterprise-grade data warehouses, data lakes, analytics of structure and unstructured data, and visualization for intelligent decision-making.
  • OpenText Aviator Search introduces a new advanced capability to go from clicks to conversations with search that spans all data types across multiple repositories to build any custom solution, portal, or experience for an enterprise.
  • OpenText Aviator IOT brings forward a collection of tools to better connect and protect millions of IoT endpoints to get real-time insights and visibility into assets location, condition, utilization, performance and health.
  • OpenText Thrust is a set of robust cloud API services and developer tools built over the last three years that can power secure information flows, fuel custom AI solutions, and fast-track new AI-embedded applications.
  • OpenText Aviator Lab is a partnership for experimentation with professional AI experts to help customers accelerate AI development through rapid prototyping, AI reference architectures in a secure sandbox environment.

Additional Resources:

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  • Learn more about OpenText’s AI strategy at

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