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New Batch Release Application for Life Sciences Manufacturing to Speed Time-to-Market and Reduce Cost

New Batch Release Application for Life Sciences Manufacturing to Speed Time-to-Market and Reduce Cost

Veeva Vault Batch Release will automate data aggregation, reviews, and traceability for greater efficiency and accuracy

2023 Veeva R&D and Quality Summit, North America Veeva Systems announced Veeva Vault Batch Release, a new cloud application that will enable faster, more confident GMP release and market-ship decisions. Vault Batch Release addresses increased manufacturing and supply chain complexity by streamlining the aggregation and review of data and content while simplifying collaboration with external partners.

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“Veeva Vault Batch Release will offer an automated, end-to-end solution for an underserved, complex process with compliance and cost risk,” said Mike Jovanis, vice president of quality and manufacturing at Veeva. “Veeva Vault Quality and Vault RIM applications provide a unique foundation to accelerate batch release and market-ship decisions while driving consistency and transparency.”

Vault Batch Release will bring together data and content across QMS, LIMS, ERP, and regulatory systems for real-time visibility into batch release status. The application will be tightly integrated with and require Veeva Vault QMS and delivers the fastest time to value when used with Veeva Vault LIMS and Veeva Vault RIM. It also offers the flexibility for use with other third-party LIMS and regulatory solutions. By connecting systems and automating data aggregation, reviews, and traceability, Vault Batch Release can improve efficiency and speed time to market.

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“Our purpose to deliver better everyday health with humanity requires continued modernization of quality and manufacturing systems and processes,” said Vanessa Briand, digital and data solutions quality head at Haleon. “A digitalized and automated batch release solution will help us deliver products to our customers consistently, quickly, and efficiently.”

Vault Batch Release will be part of Veeva Vault Quality, a platform unifying quality assurance, quality control, and training to reduce cycle time, increase operational efficiency, and improve usability.

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