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Modex Brings Enhanced Data to OptifiNow CRM with New Integration

Modex Brings Enhanced Data to OptifiNow CRM with New Integration

Modex and OptifiNow are pleased to announce their integration partnership, combining the power of Modex’s robust mortgage data with OptifiNow’s seamless, efficient approach to CRM.

In a disrupted market, mortgage professionals are increasingly interested in leveraging data to help make strategic decisions about their business. Modex‘s integration with OptifiNow enables wholesale lenders and recruiters to see loan officer production data, including volume and type, in a single click. Identifying and targeting loan officers has never been easier.

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Access to lender beneficiary data empowers wholesale lenders with an understanding of how they stack rank against competitors and what percentage of market share they have in a given location, as well as a granular view of data in specific geographical representation zones. In line with OptifiNow’s mission to streamline sales and marketing, Modex offers a new avenue for strategic targeting and robust analytical reporting.

offers a new avenue for strategic targeting and robust analytical reporting.

“Making decisions without data is like blindly throwing darts at a dartboard. Now our customers can be more strategic and more efficient at scale,” says Linn Cook, VP Sales at OptifiNow. “It makes lenders smarter in a way they’ve never been able to be before.”

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With the integration comes the major benefit of contact data. Now, users can not only access contact details for key targets but can also seamlessly store this data in their CRM for direct sales and marketing at their fingertips. Equipped with up-to-date email and phone data, customers will extract more value from every sales and marketing campaign, saving time and increasing ROI along the way.

“Your marketing and sales process is only as good as the data you’re using,” says Dale Larson III, CEO at Modex. “We are thrilled that this partnership will empower OptifiNow customers with the data they need to drive real results for their business.”

OptifiNow is a cloud-based provider of customized CRM sales management and marketing automation software. OptifiNow’s platform consists of multiple modules that are fully integrated to provide companies with a customizable solution that adapts to virtually any type of sales environment, including distributed retail, consumer direct, and wholesale mortgage lending. OptifiNow delivers their solutions using a unique White Glove service model that significantly reduces implementation time, lowers maintenance costs and increases user adoption.

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