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Mitiga Unveils Investigation Workbench to Assess Cloud and SaaS Security Incidents

Mitigates Unveils Investigation Workbench to Assess Cloud and SaaS Security Incidents

The Cloud and SaaS incident response leader continues to push the Cloud Investigation and Response Automation (CIRA) market forward with unique capability

Mitiga, the cloud and SaaS incident response leader,released Investigation Workbench, a first-of-its-kind cyber solution that provides instant clarity on all multi-cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) activities through a single pane of glass. This innovative capability further enhances Mitiga’s IR2 platform, the industry’s only complete CIRA solution.

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Mitiga has been at the forefront of a new wave in cloud investigation and response, providing modern enterprises with the technology and expertise required to root out and respond to breaches across cloud and SaaS environments an average of 70x faster than traditional methods.

At a moment when the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is requiring public U.S. companies to report material cybersecurity incidents within 4 days, enterprises are also facing prevalent, damaging, and sophisticated cloud and SaaS incidents. An advancement like Investigation Workbench is invaluable to ensure enterprises have the capabilities required to respond.

Now, Security Operations Center (SOC) teams can see chains of events across vast cloud and SaaS estates to understand the extent of the activities and impact without possessing deep cloud and SaaS investigation expertise. Using Mitiga’s Investigation Workbench, determining materiality in a short span becomes not only viable but remarkably simpler, empowering internal Incident Response (IR) and SOC teams in a whole new way. They can now quickly decide which cloud and SaaS incidents they can effectively manage in-house, and which larger incidents demand both disclosure and additional support and expertise to contain.

“Since inception, Mitiga has been dedicated to helping organizations proactively prepare for cloud and SaaS attacks so they can respond immediately and get back to business as usual,” stated Tal Mozes, co-founder and CEO, Mitiga. “We enable a level of resilience for modern enterprises that traditional methods can’t. The majority of the industry is playing catch-up, only now understanding that incident response in the cloud and SaaS requires new capabilities to deliver faster response times, reduced investigation overhead, and continuous breach detection. Investigation Workbench builds off our important industry research, helping companies combat today’s sophisticated threats. Not only does it take the market to a new level by removing complexity for internal IR and SOC teams—enabling them to quickly understand an incident and take immediate action to minimize downtime—but it also furthers our leadership position in this emerging CIRA space.”

Investigation Workbench can be used in any situation where there is a need to investigate cloud or SaaS activities, including a security alert, suspected p******* incident, or unusual user behavior, to understand exactly what happened. For example, if a user has been phished, Investigation Workbench can be used to see what actions the user took after the p******* incident. It provides an automated timeline of activities, allowing security teams to assess whether the user downloaded files, read certain emails, or performed other actions that could indicate a security breach. With Investigation Workbench, organizations can swiftly determine whether an incident is minor and can be managed internally or if it’s substantial and necessitates further expert intervention.

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“Incident response readiness is a critical step in achieving cyber resilience,” said Dave Gruber, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “Our research ranks cloud as the top priority for detection and response, which indicates that many organizations still lack the visibility and data needed to rapidly investigate, understand, and respond to attacks within cloud and SaaS applications and infrastructure. Mitiga is helping organizations close this gap with tools like Investigation Workbench and its IR2 Platform that continuously capture, organize, and query forensics-grade cloud data at scale, augmented further by insights from Mitiga’s cloud and SaaS IR experts. Incident response can be a slow arduous process in the cloud, and Mitiga is helping simplify and accelerate it.”

“2023 has been a tremendous year for Mitiga, and we’re so pleased to end the year with the availability of this innovative solution,” continued Mozes. “Over the last 12 months, Samsung and Cisco Investments have joined our stellar list of investors, which includes ClearSky Security, Blackstone, Atlantic Bridge, Glilot and DNX. We also provided significant research to ensure companies have the latest information in an effort to guard against today’s sophisticated threats and added industry veterans to our team, including Brandi Moore as our CRO and John Watters as Independent Board Advisor. I am continuously amazed by our team and am extremely excited about what’s to come in 2024.”

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