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Leading AIOps Software ProsperOps Announces General Availability of Autonomous Cloud Savings Platform for AWS GovCloud

Leading AIOps Software ProsperOps Announces General Availability of Autonomous Cloud Savings Platform for AWS GovCloud
Expansion into AWS GovCloud allows federally regulated organizations to automatically optimize their cloud costs and achieve best-in-class cloud savings rates.

ProsperOps, the leading AIOps platform for cloud financial management, announced support for Amazon Web Services GovCloud last week. The ProsperOps autonomous cloud savings platform expanded support of its service to federal, state, and local government organizations, as well as commercial entities subject to regulation, helping them achieve cost savings that place them among the top 2% of AWS optimizers.

Cloud spending by the U.S. government is increasing. In 2020, U.S. agencies spent upwards of $6.6B on cloud services and computing. This represents a nearly 10% increase over the $6.1B spent on cloud computing in 2019. According to a Bloomberg analysis, the annual growth rate of 9% to 10% is forecasted to continue through 2023, which will undoubtedly be a record year as multimillion-dollar cloud contracts resume and federal agencies accelerate their adoption of the digital transformation. But, just as cloud computing provides government agencies security, flexibility, and availability, these services also create additional expenses — expenses that could be reduced with the right solutions in place.PREDICTIONS SERIES 2022

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To help customers manage their cloud costs, AWS offers Savings Plans and Reserved Instances (RIs), but each of these discount instruments has trade-offs and it’s easy to become locked into never-ending 12- or 36-month commitments with fixed hourly costs. However, cloud usage is dynamic, so most organizations attempting to optimize their cloud costs with Savings Plan and RIs never achieve discounts greater than 10%. ProsperOps can automatically drive compute discounts to 40+%, generating savings outcomes on par with the 98th percentile of all AWS cost optimizers.

With ProsperOps, GovCloud customers get a simple, fully autonomous cloud cost optimization solution that algorithmically blends Savings Plans and RIs to maximize savings and minimize commitment risk.

“Cost optimization continues to be one of the primary challenges for public cloud users and we are now able to help DevOps and FinOps teams using GovCloud receive the best economics with the most flexible commitment terms,” said Chris Cochran, CEO of ProsperOps.

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