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Infobird Announces Acceleration of Marketing Solution to Rapidly Growing New Energy Vehicle Market

Infobird Announces Acceleration of Marketing Solution to Rapidly Growing New Energy Vehicle Market
Infobird’s digital solution focuses on the entire user journey to help car manufacturers promote omni-channel digital marketing and customer engagement

Infobird Co., Ltd a software-as-a-service provider of innovative AI-powered, or artificial intelligence enabled, customer engagement solutions in China, announced today that as a result of its deployment of its digital marketing solution with HYCAN, a rising New Energy Vehicle (“NEV”) manufacturer in China, the Company has accelerated its marketing and sales initiatives to develop additional opportunities in the rapidly growing EV automaker sector. Infobird’s recently launched solution is designed to help new energy vehicle manufacturers improve marketing and customer engagement capabilities.

Entering the field of new energy vehicle is an important growth initiative for  Infobird designed to comprehensively promote its standard SaaS strategy.  It is expected to enhance the Company’s cross-industry service capabilities, contribute to the Company’s business development in the new energy vehicle industry, and provide new growth opportunities for Infobird.

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Growth in the new energy vehicle market has exploded with industry competition in full swing

With global climate change, the implementation of China’s ‘dual carbon’ strategy, and the enhancement of public awareness of environmental protection, China’s new energy vehicles have ushered in unprecedented opportunities for development. After ranking first in the world in production and sales for six consecutive years, China’s new energy vehicle sales will hit a new high in 2021. According to data from the Passenger Federation, the global sales of generalized new energy passenger vehicles from January to October 2021 will reach 7.02 million units. Among them, the global sales of plug-in hybrid, pure electric, and fuel cell new energy vehicles in the narrow sense reached 4.58 million units, a year-on-year increase of 132%. Among them, the share of new energy passenger vehicles in China was 51%, and in October it was as high as 61%.

In the face of the bright development prospects, various new forces are competing to join the new energy vehicle industry chain, and the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. For major new energy vehicle manufacturers, how to “break the circle” with the help of new marketing methods has become one of the core elements of outperforming the market.

Digitalization is the main theme of marketing and Infobird is well positioned to help manufacturers accelerate growth

From the perspective of user needs, digitalization will become the main theme of new energy vehicle marketing. The 2021 “Baidu Marketing New Energy Vehicle Industry Insight Report” pointed out that with the rejuvenation of car owners, the fragmentation of media information, effect-oriented digital marketing has become mainstream for automakers. The trend of seamless integration of online and offline is irreversible, and digitalization has become a key variable in the marketing of car companies. “2021 McKinsey Automotive Consumer Insights” also pointed out that digital touchpoints have penetrated into the consumer decision-making process, the traffic system reformation has become a new battlefield, and the innovation of omni-channel and new retail models has become standard.

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“Automotive consumers attach great importance to experience and service. Whether manufacturers understand the profile of the consumer groups, how to reach these consumer groups, and whether they can keep these consumers loyal are the key factors for new energy vehicle manufacturers to achieve a great outcome in marketing,” said Wu Yimin, chairman and CEO of Infobird Co., Ltd,. “With the development of new energy vehicle towards intelligence and networking, digital customer engagement is becoming more and more important. In response to the marketing needs of the new energy vehicle industry, Infobird believes a digital solution based on the entire user journey will best support a car manufacturer’s omni-channel digital marketing and customer engagement.

Infobird aims to offer a comprehensive and user-centric digital customer engagement solution for new energy vehicle industry, which covers the entire user journey of digital marketing, customer reach and customer lifecyle engagement . In this way, car manufacturers can improve the efficiency and experience of customer interaction, so as to achieve the purpose of retaining and growing its customer base.

At present, Infobird’s solution has been applied to the market promotion of HYCAN. Based on its strong resources and service advantages, Infobird is helping HYCAN   accurately connect and reach more users through digital means. Moreover, recently, HYCAN and Infobird reached another cooperation agreement for customer’s lifecycle engagement. For this new cooperation, Infobird will help HYCAN to improve the customer lifecycle engagement skills for the store employee by leveraging private domain management, and comprehensively improve the path and method of digital and intelligent marketing.

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Wu Yimin, chairman and CEO of Infobird Co., Ltd, further commented: “New energy vehicles have become the trend of the future, and the Company expects to continue to expand into the new energy vehicle market and aims to promote the digital customer engagement for new energy vehicle companies in terms of products and services.”

Previously, Infobird’s service areas have covered finance, insurance, e-commerce, retail, medical and other fields. The launch and application of new energy vehicle solutions has expanded the company’s business scope and development path.

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