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HPE and Alpha3 Cloud Announce the HPE Diversity Startup Program to Support Women and Minorities-owned Companies

HPE and Alpah3 Cloud Announce the HPE Diversity Startup Program to Support Women and Minorities-owned Companies

The last three years have been tumultuous and nerve-racking for everyone. First, the pandemic, and then the geo-political tensions across regions, tested the acumen of business leaders, including startup owners, who now represent one of the biggest communities of influencers, analysts, product innovators, and employers. However, the journey to becoming a startup owner isn’t easy– particularly, if they belong to the under-represented sections of the societies. Social injustice mars the prospect of succeeding in a volatile market where business communities prefer to work with seasoned players. That’s going to change now with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) taking a serious community-building approach toward minorities and women-led startups.

To support this group of new-age entrepreneurs from under-represented sections of the business world, HPE has initiated a new program — The HPE Diversity Startup program. HPE chose their Partner Ready service provider, Alpha3 Cloud, in this endeavor. Alpha3 Cloud delivers hybrid cloud, IaaS, and PaaS solutions designed for secure, compliant data operations, customized for numerous applications in the blockchain, cloud computing, machine learning, and IoT development.

Every year, more than 300 million startups are created globally. Between 10 and 15 percent of startups fail to scale and survive beyond the first five years, eventually shutting down operations. The US startup ecosystem is one of the most profitable yet ultra-aggressive when it comes to driving value to the industries related to SaaS and Cloud Computing, AI engineering, IoT, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Blockchain. Despite visible challenges, a large number of women and minority leaders are taking the plunge into business. HPE’s commitment to delivering transformational edge-to-cloud experiences to customers and partners is the pivot for The HPE Diversity Startup Program. Startup owners would have easy access to HPE GreenLake service that essentially enables these leaders to build a unified, automated, and secured hybrid-cloud experience across differentiated cloud ecosystems for Edge, Data Centers, Co-locations, and Public infrastructure.

How would The HPE Diversity Startup Program benefit the startups? 

The HPE Diversity Startup Program is tailor-made for startups owned by women and minorities. It would help startups build, scale, and manage their own customized multi-cloud strategy. Companies that need a consistent multi-cloud infrastructure for hosting digital solutions are likely to benefit from The HPE Diversity Startup Program.

Highlighting the benefits, here’s what startups would receive from The HPE Diversity Startup Program once they sign in:

  • Scalable infrastructure model for varying cloud computing and storage needs;
  • Cloud management options through existing on-premise tools;
  • Access to real-time reports displayed on easy-to-understand dashboards and digital interfaces;
  • Zero vendor lock-in without ingress fees; 
  • Free egress tier for data types;
  • Round-the-clock support and customer service.

HPE would offer complimentary cloud service vouchers through its partnership ecosystem. In turn, the HPE partners would offer HPE GreenLake services to the startups at lower prices. Partners such as Alpha3 Cloud would provide transformational digital solutions to startups that want to scale their businesses and investments through HPE GreenLake. Startups can start and grow their business with a cost-effective investment of $13 per month, enjoying seamless provisioning of different types of digital solutions for their customers.

Apart from delivering robust technology support, the program would also provide additional personalized consultation, complementary IT guidance, and security and compliance mindshare to meet the existing federal privacy regulations. This alone would save the startups millions of dollars in security investments, migration, and workforce collaboration.

HPE GreenLake would also accelerate InfoSec pipelines within the startup. The Startup program strategically focuses on the areas where users can quickly build an environment without requiring in-house IT management teams to mitigate bottlenecks associated with networking, data management, and information security.

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Why did HPE Choose Alpha3 Cloud for this Program?

Alpah3 Cloud has a stable data center infrastructure. It currently operates data centers in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern Virginia. The cloud services are built on HPE GreenLake. Alpha3 Cloud uses HPE Apollo 2000 Gen10 Plus System for computing, and the HPE Apollo 4200 Gen10 Server for storage.

Startups that rely on Alpha3 Cloud’s IaaS and PaaS solutions can quickly scale their cloud requirements without blowing a hole in their pocket. Ron Sacks, the CEO  of Alpha3 Cloud said-  “Our collaboration with HPE GreenLake enables us to support this emerging business community with just-right provisioning, efficient cost management, and the ability to integrate our own value-added services as needed.”

While the announcement doesn’t highlight anything about HPE’s ESG initiative, we feel that The HPE Diversity Startup Program would also boost the environmental strategy. The company’s ESG goal revolves around becoming a net-zero enterprise, transitioning to an as-a-service company, and re-engineering Cloud consumption models to meet the growing needs of diverse companies that hire and operate in an inclusive, remote workforce environment.

C********* to learn more about The HPE Diversity Startup program.

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