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How to Archive Email Records for Small Business with Enterprise-Level Features

How to Archive Email Records for Small Business with Enterprise-Level Features

eMazzanti Technologies, a NYC area archiving expert and MSP explains how to archive email records for small business in a new article on the website. The informative article first describes the archiving available in Microsoft 365 Business Standard.

The author lists many of the product’s capabilities, including the ability to access archived email messages from Outlook on the web, desktop, or mobile. He also explains some limitations, including the lack of support for third-party email platforms and features tied to Microsoft licensing levels. He concludes by sharing eGovernance email archiving features not available through Microsoft, including support for multiple email platforms, granular control over archiving policies, and uniform coverage regardless of Microsoft licensing level.

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“Email archiving solutions offer several key benefits for small businesses, from maintaining regulatory compliance to improving productivity and protecting data,” related Greg Smith, Vice President of Services Delivery at eGovernance.

Below are a few excerpts from the article, “How to Archive Email Records for Small Business with Enterprise-Level Features.”

“When choosing an archiving solution, businesses have various options. The right solution will depend on business needs. For instance, consider whether the organization will need to archive email messages from multiple platforms. Additionally, consider regulatory requirements, as well as how much granular control the organization will need.”

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Microsoft 365 Business Standard Email Archiving

“Microsoft 365 Business Standard offers email archiving as part of its cloud-based productivity suite. This option is scalable, easy to set up and use. And it offers important email security and compliance features.”

“However, Microsoft email archiving does have several limitations that small businesses need to consider. For example, it does not support third-party email platforms or applications, such as Gmail or Thunderbird. And it does not provide granular control over archiving policies, such as excluding certain folders or attachments from archiving.”

eGovernance Email Archiving

“Like the Microsoft solution, eGovernance email archiving offers immediate scalability and 24×7 access to archived email messages. Powerful search capabilities aid users and eDiscovery efforts, and organizations can apply retention policies and automated holds. Also, important security controls keep the archives secure and compliant.”

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