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GridGain Launches Service to Recognize Non-Code Contributors to the Apache Ignite Community

GridGain Launches Service to Recognize Non-Code Contributors to the Apache Ignite Community
New service acknowledges the outstanding contributions of dozens of Apache Ignite Community members who help to grow project awareness

 GridGain Systems, provider of enterprise-grade in-memory computing solutions powered by the Apache Ignite distributed database, today announced a new service to track non-code contributions to the project. The new service tracks contributions that increase the awareness of Apache Ignite, including blogs, technical presentations, educational videos, code samples, training sessions and more. The non-code contributors include engineers and technical experts from around the world and from different industries and companies, ranging from startups to global leaders.

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) recognizes many types of contributions, including non-code contributions. The new service developed by GridGain to track contributions to Apache Ignite makes it easier to track these contributors and recognize them by granting Project Management Committee (PMC) privileges. Because these contributions are important to the success of every open source project, GridGain plans to open source the service under an ASF license, so other communities can take advantage of it.Prediction Series Banner

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“I am always impressed by the dedication of the Ignite community members who bring expertise from various industries, ranging from scientific research to business services that millions of people use daily,” said Kseniya Romanova, Head of Community Relations at GridGain and Apache Ignite PMC member. “It’s great that so many community members contribute their time to share their skills and experiences and spread the word about Apache Ignite. In the last couple of years, nearly 100 community members created blog posts, demos and videos and presented at online and offline events worldwide. I’m excited that we are now tracking these contributions and recognizing the contributors.”

The ASF has ranked Apache Ignite as a Top 5 project in various categories since 2017. This popularity is in large part due to a very active Apache Ignite Community, which has dozens of members contributing to project awareness. In 2021 alone, the non-code contributions include:

  • Ignite Community members presented at dozens of conferences and meetups worldwide and delivered more than 40 hours of technical content.
  • The Community hosted two virtual events, Ignite Summit and Ignite Summit: Cloud Edition, with hundreds of attendees from around the world learning from Ignite experts.
  • Ignite experts delivered 48 hours of free training sessions to help newcomers develop with Ignite.
  • Ignite developers spent more than 4,400 hours on YouTube watching technical content produced by the community members.
  • More than 15,000 application developers studied Ignite through written tutorials.

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