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Egnyte Expands its Multicloud Content Governance Ecosystem

Egnyte Expands its Multicloud Content Governance Ecosystem
New Integrations Enhance Security and Compliance for Dropbox and Google Drive Users

Egnyte, the unified content security, compliance, and collaboration solution for multicloud businesses, announced new integrations with Google Workspace and Dropbox to help companies secure and govern their sensitive cloud content.

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The integrations enable companies’ Google and Dropbox users to apply Egnyte’s platform to locate their valuable content in each cloud solution and control risks via a unified, turnkey approach. By applying Egnyte’s policy library and advanced machine learning, customers can identify files with inappropriate levels of permission, flag unusual download or sharing activity that might be indicative of an insider threat, and locate compliance violations – all through a “single pane of glass.”

The new capabilities complement the capabilities already in place for Microsoft 365 (M365), as well as Egnyte’s native file system, which empower business users to work seamlessly across any cloud and device, including mobile and on-premises shared drives, while minimizing complexity and risk.

“Even before the advent of COVID-19 and the rise of remote work, we were seeing businesses adopt multiple cloud service providers at a swiftly increasing rate,” said Holly Muscolino, Research Vice President, Content Strategies and the Future of Work, IDC. “In today’s hybrid workforce, businesses require a solution that provides the same level of collaboration, content classification, content lifecycle analytics, and security across any cloud productivity suite to govern their business-critical content. Egnyte offers a flexible and secure solution for multi-cloud environments.”

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“Organizations are sharing business-critical content across disparate cloud environments, repositories and productivity suites, which can lead to increased risk exposure, especially if sensitive content is shared externally,” said Rajesh Ram, Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer at Egnyte. “With Egnyte, organizations now have complete access, control and insight into business content across and beyond cloud office suites and storage applications, while enabling their employees the freedom to choose which productivity suite they prefer without sacrificing security protection or management.”

New capabilities for Google Workspace and Dropbox include:

  • Enhanced discovery and classification of business documents to reduce unauthorized access;
  • Simplified compliance with sensitive content location whitelisting;
  • Comprehensive data lifecycle analytics: quickly locate redundant or obsolete information through a single pane of glass: when Google files are stored in Egnyte, policies for data retention, deletion, or archival can be applied based on content or location;
  • Improved employee productivity: employees can create, collaborate, save and manage Google Workspace content in a single repository for better governance, compliance and efficiency.

In addition to expanded support for Microsoft 365, Egnyte recently announced a new Governance Risk Dashboard, which summarizes an organization’s content risks across storage locations into a single numeric score and intelligently recommends next steps that can be taken to effectively reduce risk.

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