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Dealerware Tekion Partnership Saves Time With Self-Service Check-In Automated Repair Order Tracking

Dealerware, Tekion partnership saves time with self-service check-in, automated repair order tracking

Every minute a customer spends waiting in a dealership service department puts that dealer’s customer satisfaction scores at risk. Every minute saved increases the likelihood that a customer will return for future service and future vehicle purchases.

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An integration between Dealerware, the dealership mobility experts, and Tekion, innovator of the first cloud-native platform serving the entire automotive ecosystem, simplifies the overall service scheduling experience, including loaner vehicle reservations, to save customers and service department employees time at check-in.

“The Tekion and Dealerware integration makes us more efficient. We’re not logging into different systems, we’re not keeping track of paper contracts, and if a customer needs a loaner vehicle, it only takes an extra minute or minute and a half to get a car and do a quick walkaround — their information is pre-populated on a contract that we can text to them,” said Brendan Harrington, President, Autobahn Motorcars in Fort Worth, TX.

The Tekion and Dealerware partnership utilizes Dealerware API to automate the flow of customer information between Tekion DMS and Dealerware’s courtesy loaner management platform. That automation has helped Harrington in his mission to continue transforming customer experiences.

“Integrations like this are so needed as the fixed operations world goes fully digital,” Harrington said. “We now do a 100% paperless contract, our customers are doing the whole check-in and loaner pickup process in under 2 minutes, and we can seamlessly charge our customers for gas usage, tolls or excess time, all with no awkward confrontation between our team and the customer.”

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“Dealerware created our API to simplify the software experience for dealer fixed operations. There are thousands of businesses working to make service departments faster, but more software doesn’t always equal more speed,” said Mark Halsell, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Dealerware. “Partnerships like this one prove that a shared dedication to simplifying and integrating the various dealership software platforms has a positive impact for dealerships, and especially for their customers.”

“We’re happy to offer this integration alongside Dealerware to our Dealer Partners,” said George Kang, Senior Vice President of Delivery and Integrations at Tekion. “Tekion is always looking for opportunities to partner with technology providers who are focused on improving efficiency and customer experience.”

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