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Daily Roundup: 10 IT, Cloud Computing, and InfoSec News You Can’t Miss

Daily Roundup: 10 IT, Cloud Computing, and InfoSec News You Can’t Miss

Get the most out of CIO Influence’s comprehensive daily IT news roundups to stay ahead in the information technology sector. Get current news in the IT sector about key domains such as cloud computingdata managementcybersecurity, and information security. Our curated updates include IT breaking news, tech partnerships, innovative IT solutions, and evolving security policies, keeping you informed on current industry happenings.

#1 Cohesity welcomes New CTO, Dr. Craig Martell

Cohesity, a leader in AI-powered data security and management, has announced the appointment of Dr. Craig Martell as Chief Technology Officer. Dr. Martell will bring his deep industry expertise to shape the company’s technical vision, integrating current and evolving industry and customer trends to define and execute a strategic and impactful roadmap for the company’s future.

What Dr Craig Martell Brings to Cohesity?

  • Served as the Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Officer (CDAO) for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)
  • Before CDAO, he served as Head of Machine Learning at Lyft, designing and building a state-of-the-art Machine Learning (ML) Platform, allowing the Lyft engineering team to create quickly and ship ML models using large-scale, new, and ongoing statistical programs. From 2018 to 2020.
  • Brings extensive industry and public sector experience and expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, leading AI programs for top tech companies since 2013.

#2 Oracle’s New AI-powered Upskilling Solutions

Oracle has announced a new AI-powered upskilling solution within Oracle Grow, part of the Oracle ME employee experience platform within Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM). Oracle Grow for Business Leaders supports employee development and strengthens organizational agility by helping business leaders quickly develop, upskill, and empower their teams to improve business outcomes.

What does Oracle AI-powered Upskilling Solution Include?

  • Leadership-Driven Role Guides:
    • Create prescriptive guides for business leaders to ensure alignment of talent and skills with strategic outcomes.
    • Utilize AI-powered skills recommendations and generative AI capabilities.
    • Provide clear guidance on purpose, goals, and necessary resources for success in each role.
  • Centralized Leader Dashboard:
    • O**** real-time visibility into development progress, specific skills, and qualifications.
    • Enable proactive tracking of skills progression by department, business unit, position, or person.
  • Enhanced Workforce Transparency for Strategic Roles:
    • Incorporate role guides into employees’ personalized Oracle Grow feed.
    • Provide transparency into leadership expectations and AI-powered recommendations on tasks, skills, and training needed.
  • Innovative Internal Mobility:
    • Integrate role guides into Opportunity Marketplace within Oracle Cloud HCM.
    • O**** AI-powered recommendations for internal career path opportunities.
    • To find the right talent and skills within the organization, give business leaders visibility.
  • Skills Aggregation Platform:
    • Accelerate adoption of skills-based talent practices through Oracle Dynamic Skills Platform.
    • Unify skills infrastructure with people and work data.

#3 Lumina AI Announces Joining Intel’s Liftoff Program

Lumina AI, an innovator in artificial intelligence solutions, has announced its selection into the exclusive Intel Liftoff Program. This global network of technology startups connects Lumina AI with Intel’s cutting-edge resources, accelerating growth and visibility within the AI industry.

As a member of the Intel Liftoff Program, Lumina AI will support the Intel Developer Cloud and advanced AI tools to enhance its software development capabilities. This collaboration fosters unique connections within the technology ecosystem, providing access to expert insights and opportunities for collaboration with other AI-centric organizations.

#4 New Cybersecurity Awareness Traning Platform by StarHub

StarHub, one of the leaders in telecom service providers, has launched a cyber security training platform for its enterprise customers in partnership with Cywareness. The platform is called the Cybersecurity Awareness Training Platform. The initiative aims to equip organizations with the knowledge and tools necessary to combat cyber threats and mitigate risks from p******* attacks.

News highlights:

  • The new training program aims to foster a cyber-resilient environment by empowering employees.
  • Features interactive learning modules, p******* simulations, and customized content.
  • Provides real-time reporting and analytics on employee performance and cyber security trends.
  • Requires minimal time and resources from organizations’ cyber security teams.
  • StarHub chief highlights the platform’s importance in maintaining secure systems and customer trust.
  • StarHub reports a net profit of $40 million for Q1 2024, marking an 8.1% increase from Q1 2023.
  • Service revenue grows by 1.9% to $458.9 million, driven partly by 37% year-on-year growth in cyber security services in the enterprise segment.

#5 Casper Announces Prove AI for Improved Transparency of AI training data

Casper Labs, a leader in AI governance technologies, announced today the launch of Prove AI, an AI governance solution that enhanced transparency and auditability for AI training data. Developed in collaboration with IBM Consulting, Prove AI is built on the Casper blockchain and seamlessly integrates with IBM’s watsonx.governance platform.

Mrinal Manohar, CEO of Casper Labs, officially unveiled Prove AI during today’s keynote presentation at IBM Think and announced the solution’s inaugural design partner, smart logistics company GreyscaleAI.

Prove AI represents a significant advancement in securely and tamper-proofly maintaining and sharing audit logs of AI data. It introduces features such as AI version control, multi-party access controls, and advanced auditing functionality for AI training datasets.

#6 DataStax Unveils Astra Vectorize with OpenAI and Microsoft Azure Integration

DataStax has unveiled Astra Vectorize, a new feature designed to perform embedding generations on the server side. The launch of Astra Vectorize introduces enhanced integrations with OpenAI and Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, aimed at streamlining and expediting embedding generation for developers. These integrations empower organizations to compare various embedding models, significantly reducing development time effortlessly.

Astra Vectorize, an extension of the Astra Data API, enables users to submit raw, unstructured data—such as text or images—as part of insert, update, or vector search operations. Astra DB automatically generates vector embeddings for this data, enhancing the developer experience by abstracting the complexity of embedding models from application code. This allows users to concentrate on the business logic of their applications rather than the intricacies of integrating with external systems.

#7 New Launch of SolarWind with Cywarness AI Transforms IT Service Management

SolarWinds has announced SolarWinds AI, a purpose-built generative AI engine designed using the AI by Design framework. Privacy, security, and reliability are core design principles that drive advancements in AI technologies.

SolarWinds AI will first be integrated into SolarWinds Service Desk, a leading ITSM solution. SolarWinds AI includes a new generative AI capability to enhance agent workflows and enable IT teams to resolve tickets quickly, often in minutes, compared to today’s hours or days resolution times. The faster remediation process SolarWinds AI delivers results in higher employee satisfaction, as companies experience less downtime or disruption across their organization.

Using LLMs and its own proprietary algorithms, SolarWinds AI in the Service Desk summarizes ticket histories, offers suggested agent responses and provides real-time recommendations to help agents solve issues. SolarWinds intends to expand the use of SolarWinds AI across its observability and IT management solutions portfolio, providing a digital partner for DevOps, SecOps, database teams, and more.

#8 IBM Salesforce Integration to Infuse Einstien with Granite

IBM is expanding its deployment of the Granite family of open-source LLMs and watsonx platforms across multiple clouds and ecosystems. The Salesforce integration is just one aspect of this push. As announced separately, the Granite models are now available under Apache 2.0 licenses on Hugging Face and Github.

In addition to the Einstein 1 integration, IBM has partnered with AWS to incorporate the watsonx governance solution into Amazon Sagemaker. The platform has also been deployed on Azure, and IBM has collaborated with Adobe on hybrid cloud AI development. In May, ERP giant SAP selected IBM to embed industry-focused AI solutions across its cloud-based Business Technology Platform.

#9 Google Cloud AI Researchers Unveil LANISTR Multimodal Learning Framework

LANISTR is a new framework that Google Cloud AI researchers introduced, enabling multimodal learning by ingesting unstructured and structured data. It is designed to address challenges with structured and unstructured data within a framework.
Handling multimodal data, which includes language, images, and structured data, is vital in machine learning. The main challenge is dealing with missing data types in large, unlabeled datasets like tables and time series. Traditional methods often struggle with absent data, resulting in poor model performance.

News Highlights:

  • The multimodal data method includes various fusion techniques combining data at the feature or decision levels.
  • LANISTR framework employs unimodal masking in which parts of data within each modality are made during training.
  • The framework is based on innovative similarity-based multimodal-making objectives.
  • LANISTR is effective in encountering data distributions that are not seen during training.

#10 Telefónica and Google Cloud Extended partnership for Cloud Offerings

Telefónica and Google Cloud have announced the extension and expansion of their partnership, aiming to deliver top-notch cloud solutions to the market and facilitate businesses in speeding up their digital transformations. This renewed agreement encompasses an increase in the range of Google Cloud services provided by Telefónica Tech for the B2B sector, Telefónica’s adoption of cloud services for its own operations, and a deeper collaboration in key innovation areas like artificial intelligence (AI) and generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI).

Internally, Telefónica is leveraging Google Cloud’s technologies through its “Go to Cloud” initiative to propel its digital transformation. This effort has led to notable improvements in operational systems, including faster application deployment and optimized infrastructure. The mutual benefits derived from the strategic collaboration between Telefónica and Google Cloud over the past few years have prompted Telefónica to extend the partnership for an additional three years. Moreover, the two entities are exploring further cooperation avenues, including the utilization of AI and data services, hosting network functions using Google Cloud solutions under a telco cloud framework, and enhancing Telefónica’s network operations through automation.

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