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Condeco Launches New Condeco App for Microsoft Teams to Help Hybrid Workplaces Work Smarter

Condeco Launches New Condeco App for Microsoft Teams to Help Hybrid Workplaces Work Smarter

Condeco, the global leader of workplace scheduling solutions, announced its new app for Microsoft Teams. Powered by the Condeco Microsoft 365 integration, the brand-new app for Microsoft Teams comes with features that enhance collaboration and make it easier to schedule, book, and manage hybrid workplaces with confidence. This news follows last week’s announcement that Condeco is now a part of Eptura, a leading worktech software solution.

Schedule Smarter

The new Condeco app for Microsoft Teams puts employees in charge of their flexible work routine by simplifying the process of scheduling and coordinating in-office days among employees. With this new app, users can choose and share their office schedule, while also seeing a weekly overview of where everyone on the team is working. This is strategically designed to reduce the friction employees experience when deciding where and when to work. With visibility into where their colleagues are working, employees can make more informed decisions and work more effectively together.

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Book Smarter

Users can find and book a meeting space with a group of colleagues right in their existing Microsoft Teams chat or channel with the Condeco app, and by filtering spaces by location, type, and capacity ensures users will find a space that meets their needs. For personal workspaces, the Condeco bot can be used to book a desk near colleagues, so employees can collaborate and get more out of their in-office days.

Manage Smarter

The Condeco app for Microsoft Teams makes it easier for today’s leaders to manage both their teams and their space in one place. Collaboration-minded functions, like reminders that prompt everyone to share their weekly in-office schedule, help companies encourage their employees to work from the office more often. In addition, its features also simplify scheduling repeat meetings, finding and booking alternate meeting rooms, and updating plans between buildings and locations effortlessly. Users can even make their booked meeting a Teams meeting to automatically create a Teams calendar invite and pre-configure in-room equipment, so virtual colleagues can join easily.

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“There’s no denying Microsoft 365 and Teams have become two of the most critical platforms in the modern workplace and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to innovate together as businesses continue to adapt to hybrid,” said Paul Phillips, Condeco Chief Technology Officer. “With the Condeco Microsoft 365 Integration, users can now book spaces to collaborate with their colleagues easier than ever before and with intelligence. Through our gold partnership and continued collaboration with Microsoft, we have carried out regular hackathons to ensure this solution best fits today’s market needs. Now, I say with confidence that today’s launch is bringing businesses one step closer to achieving a successful future at work – and we’re extremely proud to be a part of this movement.”

“Companies like Condeco are adding value to today’s flexible workplaces by integrating their solutions with Microsoft 365,” said Ben Summers, Director, Teams & Microsoft 365 Platform Marketing at Microsoft. “We are pleased that Condeco has now extended this integration to Teams to further enhance the hybrid work experience for our customers.”

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