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Circana Partners with Snowflake and LiveRamp to Support Seamless and Private Data Collaboration for Advertisers

Circana Partners with Snowflake and LiveRamp to Support Seamless and Private Data Collaboration for Advertisers

Circana, formerly IRI and The NPD Group announced two new media solutions partnerships formed to increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. A new partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, means marketers can now leverage Circana’s purchase data in clean rooms that utilize Snowflake’s Data Clean Room Framework. Marketers are able to enrich their own first-party audiences with Circana’s purchase-based data in a privacy-preserving and safe environment. An expanded partnership with LiveRamp, the leading data collaboration platform allows mutual clients to collaborate on RampIDs with Circana purchase data in the Snowflake Data Cloud.

“With consumers increasingly empowered to manage access to their data, it is increasingly important for marketers to enrich their first-party data in privacy-compliant ways, to gain deeper insights about their consumers,” said Amy Marentic, president of global solutions for Circana. ”Together with Snowflake and LiveRamp, marketers can now improve campaign performance through refined planning, and by creating high-value audiences with their own data fortified with Circana’s predictive, purchase-based data for CPG and general merchandize categories, such as toys, prestige beauty, and consumer electronics – all within an environment that ensures consumers maintain control of their data.”

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LiveRamp’s flexible approach to data collaboration builds enduring brand and business value for customers to maximize the potential of their data, partner ecosystem, and marketing outcomes in the cloud,” said Noel McMichael, SVP, Commercial Cloud at LiveRamp. “Our expanded agreement with Circana extends LiveRamp’s foundational identity and premier network of global partners to advance activation by directly distributing audience segments created using Circana data, all within Snowflake’s Data Cloud.”

Circana offers both deterministic category transaction data against 50 million households and purchase-based propensity audiences. In turn, these datasets give marketers more granular audiences and more accurate measurement of campaign performance.

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“Our partnership with Circana and LiveRamp ensures our customers can take full advantage of Circana’s data assets without data ever leaving their Snowflake environment,” said Bill Stratton, Global Industry GTM Lead, Media, Entertainment and Advertising, Snowflake. “We’re excited to work with Circana and LiveRamp to give marketers the tools, data, and speed they need to achieve success in this data-driven, privacy-first advertising era.”

Circana offers one of the largest datasets in the industry – four times larger than the company’s closest competitor for the CPG industry. Circana’s CPG retailer loyalty card data assets are sourced from partnerships with 40 leading U.S. retailers, some of which are exclusive to Circana. Circana solutions fueled by these data assets o**** advertisers and their agencies access to 96% of U.S. households, delivering up to nine times the return on i*********, compared to the competition.

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