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CAST Helps Advance Multi-Cloud Adoption With New Software Intelligence

CAST Helps Advance Multi-Cloud Adoption With New Software Intelligence

CAST, the pioneer and category leader in Software Intelligence, announced new technological advancements in CAST Highlight – the software intelligence product for rapid application analysis – to help enterprises increase readiness for deploying critical applications across multiple cloud platforms.

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Multi-Cloud Readiness Insights

Organizations considering a multi-cloud strategy for their critical applications struggle to develop software that would be deployable across multiple cloud platforms. CAST Highlight’s new, first of a kind, Multi-Cloud Readiness insights pinpoint the specific code patterns within an application that should be removed or avoided for it to be deployed on multiple cloud platforms, or to assure its future cloud portability. For example, CAST Highlight automatically identifies the use of a cloud provider-specific document storage service, which may work well in a single cloud model, but should be reconsidered if multi-cloud is the plan.

IBM Cloud Service Recommendations

Realizing the full promise of cloud necessitates adoption of cloud native services once an application is migrated to the cloud. All major cloud providers have extensive, vendor-specific catalogs of native services that can become quite overwhelming. CAST Highlight makes the selection easier by recommending the best suited cloud services, based on the technical characteristics of an application. CAST Highlight’s latest release now recommends best-suited IBM Cloud native services. For example, when CAST Highlight automatically detects that an application is performing manipulation of persistent files, the IBM Cloud Object Storage service is recommended, along with the relevant documentation for deploying the service. This new capability is in addition to the cloud native service recommendations already available in the product for Microsoft Azure and AWS.

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Cloud Readiness Index

This month marks four years since CAST released its exclusive Cloud Readiness Index within CAST Highlight – the first product on the market enabling organizations to automatically analyze their application source code and identify specific code blockers that prevent or hinder an application from being migrated to Cloud PaaS. Today, more than 200 organizations use CAST Highlight to see what’s inside tens of thousands of applications and speed up their migration to cloud, such as Wells Fargo, BMW, SNCF, and the US Air Force, Army, and Navy. Global System Integrators – Accenture, CGI, Cognizant, Infosys, LTI, Wipro, and Management Consultancy firms – BCG, Bain, EY, extensively use CAST Highlight to help accelerate digital transformation for their clients. Learn more about the latest release of CAST Highlight here.

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