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Beachhead Solutions Releases RiskResponder for Preconfiguring Automatic Responses to Security Threats

Beachhead Solutions Releases RiskResponder for Preconfiguring Automatic Responses to Security Threats
RiskResponder continually monitors environmental and behavioral risks across all devices and takes automatic action against hacking attempts, geo-fence violations, network-borne attacks, insider threats and more

 Beachhead Solutions, provider of cloud-managed PC & mobile device encryption, security, and data access control, released RiskResponder. The automated sentinel delivers predetermined responses to any environmental or behavioral risk that exceeds acceptable thresholds set by business’ IT and security teams. As part of the BeachheadSecure platform, RiskResponder provides easily-managed endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities that enable organizations to prepare, customize, and execute powerful risk mitigation responses across a comprehensive list of potential threat conditions.

All businesses must protect endpoints against a range of ever-growing risks. Preventing data breach incidents means enforcing encryption, policing employee behavior, meeting regulatory and industry compliance mandates, and controlling access to instantly remove data from harm’s way when substantial risk is recognized. Organizations must also deploy these protections seamlessly, without hampering employee productivity.

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To meet these requirements, RiskResponder provides automatic 24/7/365 security to defend all endpoint devices containing (or able to access) sensitive corporate or customer data. Using RiskResponder’s intuitive UI, businesses can easily define automated responses to hacking attempts, geo-fence violations, time-based excesses, network-borne attacks, and attempts to undermine security tools. The moment a threat is detected, RiskResponder instantly and automatically executes preset actions appropriate to the risk. Customized threat responses can log active events, alert appropriate personnel to investigate risk activities, run scripts, present device users with dialog alerts, and immediately remove data access from a protected device if necessary. RiskResponder empowers businesses to implement strict and effective zero trust policies, revoking data access and quarantining any data present – even if the at-risk device is offline. Customers can just as easily restore data access once the device is no longer at risk.

Specifically, RiskResponder can enable automatic responses to the following example risks (and others):

  • Invalid login attempts: After a set number of failed logins, RiskResponder can send the user a warning dialog alert. Customers can also set RiskResponder to fully remove data access, such as after a certain number of additional login attempts.
  • Rogue devices: BeachheadSecure provides visibility and control over remote data, but what happens when that device goes rogue? RiskResponder takes automated, data-defensive actions to protect client data if an organization loses sight of the device.
  • Devices leaving approved geo-locations: RiskResponder’s geofencing-enforced security rules enable customers to set user warnings or remove data access if a device goes beyond preset boundaries, such as their main office or individual employees’ work-from-home locations.
  • Network-borne attacks: Attackers access target computers through compromised or easy-to-guess credentials via remote desktop connections often the result of unsecure WiFi. RiskResponder detects and mitigates the threat immediately – before any damage is done.
  • Attempts to undermine built-in security: Insider threats trying to circumvent security on their devices receive clear dialogue alert warnings and have their actions logged. If their actions represent a risk, data access is removed.

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