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Aurora Mobile Partners with Beisen to Upgrade iTalentX, A Secure Digital Human Resource Management Platform

Aurora Mobile Partners with Beisen to Upgrade iTalentX, A Secure Digital Human Resource Management Platform

Aurora Mobile Limited a leading mobile developer service provider in China, announced that it has entered into a partnership agreement with Beijing Beisen Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. (“Beisen”), the largest cloud-based human resource (HR) management solution provider in China.

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Aurora Mobile has connected its intelligent unified messaging system (“JG UMS”) to iTalentX, Beisen’s integrated HR SaaS and talent management platform. JG UMS brings a professional, convenient and personalized experience by integrating various messaging functions to operate in different business scenarios and meet the evolving demands of digital HR management. The two parties will work together to promote smart HR management and improve operational efficiency and business performance powered by intelligent solutions.

Beisen understands that the HR management of medium and large enterprises is a very important part of daily operations, and their needs are very different from the simple HR structure of small businesses. As one of the largest cloud-based HR management solution providers in China, Beisen provides medium and large enterprises with technologies, products and services suitable for various HR management scenarios. Its iTalentX platform serves more than 6,000 enterprises in China, covering the full employment management cycle from employee recruitment, on-boarding, salary management, leave management, performance management, continuous learning and development, and until resignation.

Multi-channel messaging integration enables flawless communication flows

The management of receiving and responding to messages is crucial across the entire HR management process. iTalentX greatly values the user experience when it comes to managing human resources for businesses and is highly committed to resolving pressures and pain points of HR management, improving work efficiency, and optimizing the digital employee experience. iTalentX requires various messaging channels to be unified onto one platform for daily communications. JG UMS has the open source integration capabilities to meet this demand, covering the most commonly used platforms in corporate offices such as enterprise WeChat, DingTalk and enterprise office automation (OA) systems. When communicating within the platform, it is now very easy for Beisen to facilitate internal communication to and from employees.

As an intelligent messaging management platform, JG UMS integrates nine major messaging channels, including mobile apps, Short Message Service (“SMS”), WeChat official accounts, Alipay mini-programs, WeChat mini-programs, emails, DingTalk, 5G messaging and enterprise WeChat. It effectively helps iTalentX address the growing demand for multi-channel integrated messaging with relatively low maintenance costs.

At the same time, the diversified messaging and message re-dispatching strategy of JG UMS provides enterprises with an efficient one-stop, one-click internal messaging service. For instance, when enterprises use iTalentX, important internal messages can be sent through targeted channels to reach employees and the system will automatically re-dispatch messages to recipients who did not respond to the original messages. This way, iTalentX achieves a better balance between user experience and higher open rates of delivered messages.

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JG UMS supports private cloud deployment and secure permission management for end-to-end encryption messaging

System security is a major concern that medium and large enterprises attach great importance to when choosing an internal management system. As the first SaaS member of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) in Greater China, Beisen always adheres to high standards for user protection and privacy when it comes to providing safe, reliable and well-integrated HR SaaS services to customers.

Aurora Mobile supports Beisen in its security upgrade for enterprise solutions. On the one hand, JG UMS supports custom review and secure permission management. To enhance messaging security, enterprises can create different administrators and operator roles according to their own organizations. All messaging templates and content have to be reviewed and approved before messages are disseminated according to enterprise communications security strategy and protocols.

On the other hand, JG UMS uses the innovative deployment model of “API+SDK” to connect to any designated partner’s system, supporting both public cloud and private cloud deployment. Since iTalentX requires high information security procedures, JG UMS is directly deployed on iTalentX’s private cloud so that messages are transmitted within the intranet to ensure security compliance.

Over the years, Aurora Mobile has provided many services to Beisen including the JPush notification service, and most recently JG UMS was added to its service offerings. All the services provided by the Company will help Beisen explore more innovative solutions in the intelligent and integrated HR management sector. The lead project manager at Beisen commented, “Beisen firmly believes in the value of motivating and inspiring individual employees and promoting their personal development. We are developing an employee-centered HR management solution, which requires smooth, convenient, and intelligent information management. That’s why we are expanding our cooperation with Aurora Mobile, an innovative leader in this space. Our decision to integrate JG UMS, which has been well received by the market, will provide strong support for iTalentX’s iterations and innovation going forward.”

As a leading mobile developer service provider in China, Aurora Mobile will continue to enhance its product innovation capabilities and improve service quality to empower more enterprises to promote digital and intelligent transformation for various industries.

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