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Armada Announces $40 Million in Strategic Funding Round Led by M12

Armada’s products now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace via separate Microsoft partnership; Azure customers can purchase using pre-committed spend

Armada, an edge computing pioneer redefining the future of connectivity, compute and AI, today announced a $40 million funding round led by M12 (Microsoft’s Venture Fund), raising its total to over $100 million. This funding comes as all Armada products are now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, with Azure customers able to use pre-committed Azure spend on Armada products.

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“M12 has witnessed the swift progression of edge AI infrastructure towards practical use through years of investments. Our interactions with the Armada team bring the signal of a new era of comprehensive edge AI solutions”

“This funding is a testament to the incredible progress our team has made in revolutionizing edge computing,” said Pradeep Nair, Founding CTO at Armada. “Our partnership with Microsoft and presence of Armada products on the Azure marketplace will drive significant advancements in our mission to bridge the digital divide. We are excited about the opportunities this collaboration brings.”

“M12 has witnessed the swift progression of edge AI infrastructure towards practical use through years of investments. Our interactions with the Armada team bring the signal of a new era of comprehensive edge AI solutions,” said Michael Stewart, Managing Partner at M12. “We are confident that Armada will pioneer a definitive guide for implementing edge AI across various challenging sectors. They are poised to seamlessly connect edge workloads with hyperscale cloud computing resources, enhancing the customer’s capacity to derive value from their data, irrespective of its origin or resting place.”

Armada’s flagship products include the Edge, a full-stack modular datacenter solution, which brings industry-leading compute to remote sites in a ruggedized, mobile form factor, and EdgeAI applications, which are purpose-built for use cases on the edge to run on-premises or in the cloud. Armada looks forward to deepening its relationship with Azure and the Azure Marketplace across its product suite.

Commander Connect is a comprehensive platform designed to centralize and optimize the management of IoT assets, including Starlink terminals, mobile data centers (Galleons) and other edge computing resources. By leveraging Azure’s robust infrastructure, Commander Connect offers unparalleled scalability, security and performance for enterprise-grade edge computing solutions.

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“With the support of our investors, we are in a stronger position than ever to deploy our solutions on a global scale,” added Dan Wright, co-founder and CEO at Armada. “The integration of Armada products with Azure enables our customers to seamlessly enhance operational efficiency using their existing Azure commitments. This is a game-changer for industries looking to maximize their digital transformation efforts.”

Customers have brought Armada’s technology to 43 countries, showcasing the company’s versatile and impactful solutions. These customers include global oil and gas conglomerates, CPG and entertainment companies, state government agencies and more. In addition to Armada’s deep collaboration with Starlink, we have recently signed partnerships with Halliburton, Edarat Group, Skydio and many others to enhance offerings and distribute Armada’s solutions globally. This global presence is a testament to Armada’s robust and scalable solutions, which can transform industries ranging from defense and mining to healthcare and education.

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