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Amazon’s AWS to Boost Presence in Singapore with $9 Billion Cloud Investment Surge


Amazon Web Services announced its plan to invest an additional 12 billion Singapore dollars (approximately $8.87 billion) over the next five years to expand its cloud infrastructure and services in Singapore. Priscilla Chong, AWS Singapore’s country manager, revealed to CNBC’sStreet Signs Asia” that the investment will primarily focus on constructing and enhancing data center capabilities within the Asia-Pacific Singapore region. AWS, the cloud computing division of the U.S. tech giant, inaugurated the Asia-Pacific region in Singapore in 2010, marking its initial venture beyond the U.S. and Europe. Since then, AWS has injected over SG$11 billion into Singapore’s cloud infrastructure and ecosystem.

Why this News Matters? 

This news is important because it speaks much to the competitive nature of the global cloud infrastructure market. According to Synergy Research Group data, AWS remained the world’s biggest cloud infrastructure provider in the first quarter with a 31% share, down slightly from a year ago. Microsoft Azure remained a close second. Of course, Microsoft’s intention to invest in AI and cloud across several Southeast Asian countries, including Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia, makes this news highly important.

The surge in AI has led to an increase in demand for cloud computing services and data centers, as training AI models requires huge amounts of data, and the cloud provides access to vast data sets.

How does AWS Expand its global cloud investment strategy?

Amazon Web Services, the U.S. tech giant’s cloud computing support, announced its investment plans in Singapore’s cloud technology and services market through 2028. The investment would include the Southeast Asian city-state that has a demand for more cloud services. This investment adds to the approximately $8.5 billion that the Seattle-based company has already allocated for cloud infrastructure in Singapore in recent years.

AWS plans to spend $15 billion this year alone in Japan, besides more than $5 billion each in Mexico and Saudi Arabia in the coming years. AWS also announced an intention last year to invest nearly $13 billion by 2030 in expanding its data-center infrastructure in India, the world’s most populous nation.


Amazon expects its planned investment to generate an average of 12,300 full-time equivalent jobs yearly in local Singaporean businesses. Separately, the company says it will hold workshops for more than 100 businesses over two years, working with the Singapore government to help small businesses leverage generative AI.

Singapore has become a hub for US companies in Asia, such as Meta Platforms Inc. and Alphabet Inc., to the rest of fast-growing Southeast Asia.


1. What impact will AWS’s investment have on the job market in Singapore?

Amazon estimates that its planned investment will create an average of 12,300 full-time equivalent jobs annually in local Singaporean businesses. Additionally, AWS will collaborate with the Singaporean government to conduct workshops for over 100 businesses, aiming to help small businesses leverage generative AI and other cloud technologies.

2. How does AWS’s expansion in Singapore fit into its broader global investment strategy?

AWS’s investment in Singapore is part of its larger global cloud investment strategy, which includes significant investments in other regions such as Japan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and India. These investments demonstrate AWS’s commitment to expanding its data center infrastructure and cloud services worldwide to meet the evolving needs of businesses and organizations.

3. Why is Amazon Web Services (AWS) investing $12 billion in Singapore’s cloud infrastructure?

AWS aims to expand its cloud infrastructure and services in Singapore to meet the growing demand for cloud technology in Asia-Pacific. This investment will primarily focus on constructing and enhancing data center capabilities, catering to the increasing need for computational power and storage for AI systems and other applications.

4. How significant is AWS’s investment in Singapore’s cloud market?

AWS’s investment underscores its commitment to strengthening its global cloud infrastructure market presence. Singapore is a strategic hub for AWS to tap into the booming Southeast Asian market, witnessing rapid growth in cloud adoption and digital transformation initiatives.

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