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6D Technologies Announces Innovative Telco Cloudification Collaboration with AWS

6D Technologies Announces Innovative Telco Cloudification Collaboration with AWS

6D Technologies, a trailblazer in Telco Cloudification, proudly announces its collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This collaboration will bring together the future-driven solutions from 6D Technologies with the infrastructure of AWS, promising unprecedented advancements in network scalability, agility, and customer experiences.

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Revolutionizing Telecom Landscape through Cloud-Native Solutions

6D Technologies’ innovative solutions play a pivotal role in supporting cloudification for communication service providers (CSPs). By offering cloud-native digital solutions, it empowers CSPs to deploy and scale services rapidly, effectively reducing the time-to-market for new offerings and meeting customer demand with agility. With its digital solutions, CSPs are better able to drive innovation, optimize resource allocation, and capture the full spectrum of opportunities in telecom.

Abhilash Sadanandan, CEO of 6D Technologies expressed his enthusiasm “Through our collaboration with AWS, 6D Technologies is reshaping the telecommunications landscape by seamlessly integrating innovative Telco Cloudification solutions. This signifies our commitment to empowering CSPs with unmatched scalability, agility, and cost-effectiveness. Together with AWS, we are charting a course towards a future where cloud-native innovation and exceptional customer experiences redefine the possibilities in the dynamic world of telecom.”

Revolutionize Connectivity with AI-Integrated Digital BSS Suite: CANVAS, the comprehensive Digital BSS Suite, is meticulously designed to embrace the AI era. Built on AWS, our solution promises seamless connectivity, scalability, and innovation, ensuring businesses stay ahead in the dynamic digital landscape.

Elevate Customer L******* Value with AI-powered Telecom Customer Value Management Platform: Discover a transformative approach to customer management with MAGIK, an AI-enabled CVM. Seamlessly enhance customer l******* value through personalized insights and dynamic engagement strategies, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.

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Unlock the Potential of M2M SIMs and IoT Devices: Infinity, the IoT/M2M Connectivity Management Platform, is designed to seamlessly manage and monetize the lifecycle of M2M SIMs and IoT devices in real-time. This platform ensures efficient management, providing insights and analytics for informed decision-making.

Forge Success in Sales: Ventas, the Sales and Distribution Platform, is now integrated seamlessly with AWS. Achieve complete visibility and control over the sales processes, harnessing AWS for scalability and real-time analytics. This collaboration empowers the team with the tools to make informed decisions and optimize operational efficiencies.

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