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UScellular Launches Flexible Solutions For Remote Workforces

UScellular Launches Flexible Solutions For Remote Workforces

UScellular is introducing a new Remote Workforce Solution to help businesses be more flexible, productive and secure. This solution delivers fast, reliable internet connections using the company’s mobile network, unlimited phone plans and Microsoft Teams, one of the leading collaboration products on the market.

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Since early 2020, the coronavirus pandemic drove many employees out of the office to work from remote locations. While some companies enabled their team members to stay productive, many others faced unreliable internet and few ways to collaborate – leaving them frustrated and unable to do their best work.

The UScellular Remote Workforce Solution consists of three flexible components: 

Remote Workforce Internet

Flexible packages range from a reliable, mobile option for small businesses to custom, highly secure solutions for enterprise-sized businesses with 5G and 4G access complete with enhanced security, content filtering and cloud management.

Collaboration Tools

Microsoft Teams gives you everything you need in one resource: video conferences, calls, chat and integration with familiar Office apps.

Unlimited Phone Plans

Unlimited plans with 5G and 4G LTE, including unlimited hotspot.

The Remote Workforce Solution is ideal for small, medium and enterprise-sized companies with higher risk exposure for remote employees who may have unsecured connections.

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