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KNIME Releases New User Experience and AI Assistant

KNIME Releases New User Experience and AI Assistant

KNIME, the data science company focused on making analytics accessible to all, announced the latest release of the open source KNIME Analytics Platform. The new version 5.1 features a modern interface, improved product onboarding, and a more intuitive way to build analytical workflows. With this release, KNIME also unveiled its first generative AI capabilities, including a new chatbot that answers questions and builds workflows, as well as an AI extension to empower users to augment their workflows using a series of nodes wrapping state-of-the-art LLM capabilities.

KNIME is distinct in its free and open approach to data science, ensuring that there is virtually no barrier to entry for getting started with no-code/low-code analytics. The KNIME Analytics Platform has always been available for free with full functionality, offering users from all backgrounds choice because of its integrative and extensible platform. To this end, the newly released KNIME Analytics Platform Version 5.1 with a significantly improved UX further reduces the learning curve for new users, as well as accelerates the upskilling of experienced users looking to advance their data skills. K-AI, the new AI assistant from KNIME helps onboard new users by answering questions or by automatically building workflows for users, just based on their directions. The first prototype, available as early release, already demonstrates how generative AI can accelerate upskilling and work side-by-side with humans to increase time-to-value for any data solution.

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In addition to K-AIKNIME Analytics Platform features several notable UX improvements include:

  • Improved navigation & search that allows users to quickly find the functionality they need to build their workflows. Users can now rapidly search through the 4000+ available nodes and identify the ones that serve their distinct use case.
  • Starter Perspective, designed to help beginners and spreadsheet users ease into building workflows. The Starter Perspective recommends a select set of nodes commonly used for data manipulation tasks – like reading and writing data to spreadsheets, cleaning, merging, aggregating, filtering and more.
  • Improved workflow annotations to help teams document and explain what they’ve built, improving transparency, explainability, and knowledge sharing within and across teams. This further advances the collaborative nature of KNIME as a lingua franca across disciplines.
  • Enhanced visualization capabilities to make exploring and interacting with data more efficient and to improve how insights are shared with stakeholders.

The release is designed to help spreadsheet users transition to the no-code/low-code approach to analytics and includes a new set of data wrangling features to enable users to easily automate and augment the work they typically do in spreadsheets.

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“Today, with the rapid rise of ChatGPT and colleagues, we’re seeing even faster innovation in the data science landscape. It has never been more important–both for individuals and organizations–to keep up and adopt new techniques and approaches to making sense of their data. This is only possible with an open platform that can integrate and quickly embrace community innovations,” says Michael Berthold, co-founder and CEO of KNIME.

In addition to a new look-and-feel and streamlined onboardingKNIME Analytics Platform 5.1 also includes a new AI extension in early release mode, for advanced users. Designed to enable users to build their own AI assistant or to augment their workflows with AI, the extension supports both state-of-the-art OpenAI models as well as open source Large Language Models (LLMs) from Hugging Face Hub.

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