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Xplenty Acquires FlyData, Adding Data Replication To Their Product Suite

Xplenty Acquires FlyData, Adding Data Replication To Their Product Suite

Low-code ETL platform Xplenty has acquired real-time data replication platform FlyData, further building on its product suite and adding database replication to its customer offering.

Today’s unprecedented growth of data and its ubiquity in business decision making has resulted in a shift that has radically transformed the world of data, yet many companies have yet to capitalize on this revolution. Data warehouses have now become the heartbeat of the company. As a result companies have adopted new data strategies based on operationalizing data within their warehouses. Understanding and mobilizing this data is a critical piece in helping organizations make key business decisions, gain crucial customer insights, and build new platforms.

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With this revolution, there is a growing demand for organizations to replicate data from their production databases – particularly in Fintech, eCommerce, and SaaS. By ensuring they can quickly replicate their transactional data to their data warehouse, companies can gain insights from and t********** on the data in real-time.

This recent acquisition of FlyData has expanded Xplenty’s product suite to include data replication. The fastest real-time CDC platform on the market for replicating data to Snowflake and Amazon Redshift, FlyData automatically loads data continuously and securely in a matter of minutes. With features like auto-schema mapping, soft/hard deletes, and an unparalleled support team, the automated, scalable and reliable replication platform can save on countless developer hours.

“We wanted to expand Xplenty’s current capabilities for customers, making Xplenty a one-stop-shop for the operationalization of data to power business decisions. FlyData was perfectly positioned to accelerate our growth in this space” said Abe Dearmer, Chief Operating Officer at Xplenty. “By offering a truly low-code solution, our products allow Citizen Integrators and Line of Business users to build and manage pipelines, organize and transform data without taking time away from core IT. With the acquisition of FlyData we now take the headache out of data replication, allowing organizations to focus on other important areas of their business.”

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Xplenty is a now a complete Data Integration platform, addressing multiple use cases including; preparing and loading data to data warehouses (for business intelligence reporting), powering companies data platforms with cleansed and normalized data, loading to databases and giving GTM teams their Customer 360 view in Salesforce to identify revenue opportunities.

FlyData will augment the current offerings at Xplenty and continue to build on an extensive customer base. One company within the Fintech space, is already making the most of the combination of ETL and data replication. The company uses Xplenty to power its data platform through the ingestion and transformation of partner and customer data, while using FlyData’s replication capabilities to move data real-time from MySQL to Snowflake to power decision making across the organization.

Xplenty continues to build out its suite of product offerings and is in talks regarding several potential acquisitions.

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