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Chang Industrial and MiR Partner to Improve Healthcare Experience Through Automation

Chang Industrial and MiR Partner to Improve Healthcare Experience Through Automation

Chang Industrial and Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) announce the formation of a strategic partnership that enables autonomous systems to further revolutionize patient experience, nursing staff activities and supplies management in the healthcare industry.Chang Industrial‘s collection of engineering experts and supply chain partners now features MiR, a leading global provider of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).MiR‘s product line is focused on pedestrian work environments, defining it as a cobot (collaborative robot).AMR technology can greatly impact business operations by automating transport of materials in hospital hallways, elevators, and logistics areas.By integrating AMR technology into their operations, clients can automate processes, reduce costs, acquire digital insights, and gain a competitive edge in the fast-paced world of healthcare services.

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Nursing shortages continue to be an issue in the industry, and finding opportunities to increase productivity in a safe and efficient manner is a large opportunity for providers.Studies have indicated that up to 40% of a nurse’s time may be consumed by non-nursing tasks. Overworked nurses lead to lower patient outcomes, fatigue, burnout, and turnover.In 2016, OSHA recorded 19,700 on-the-job injuries to nurses with 74% occurring in hospitals and 91% attributed to females.Nursing injury rates are dramatically higher than industry standards.The use of AMRs on patient floors reduces the physical demands on medical staff, allowing them to focus on critical, life-saving tasks that require expert medical training.  AMRs will allow medical staff to have more time for patient interactions and empathy with those in need.By leveraging the capabilities of robotics, healthcare providers enhance operational efficiency, improve patient care, and create a safer and more productive environment for both patients and staff.  Studies show that improved physical conditions result in higher workforce retention.

“Joining forces with MiR and their impressive mobile robotics technology portfolio has already started to create new and exciting opportunities for our team.The feedback from the industry and our customers has overwhelmingly validated what we knew to be a great fit” according to Chris CalluraVice President of Operations and Strategic Partnerships at Chang Industrial.

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Chang Industrial brings a wealth of experience and expertise into a fresh market area, which will contribute significantly towards our growth and innovation, ” said Karl Bentz, Area Sales Manager at MiR.“As a result of this new partnership, we’ll be better able to help our joint customers in the healthcare industry quickly, easily, and cost-effectively automate internal logistics.”

Chang Industrial‘s combined goal with MiR is to optimize the healthcare experience chain with emphasis on autonomous systems and workforce optimization, maximizing information technology.Chang Industrial seeks to modernize today’s supply chain and improve healthcare operations through strategy roadmaps and concept engineering for companies to advance their innovation initiatives.

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