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WiMi’s Research on Human-Computer Interaction System for Intelligent Connected Vehicles Based on Big Data and Hybrid Algorithm

WiMi's Research on Human-Computer Interaction System for Intelligent Connected Vehicles Based on Big Data and Hybrid Algorithm

WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc., a leading global Hologram Augmented Reality (AR) Technology provider, today announced that they are working on a human-computer interaction(HCI) system for intelligent connected vehicles(ICV) based on big data and hybrid algorithmHuman-computer interaction refers to the data exchange and mutual understanding between humans and machines through specific sensors and interfaces with the support of certain interaction technologies. With the continuous expansion of HCI applications, the HCI environment becomes more and more complex, and users have higher and higher requirements for the naturalness and accuracy of HCI. Applying artificial intelligence to the key technologies of human-computer interaction is an important way to solve the bottleneck of current human-computer interaction technologies.

By building a big data platform for traffic, real-time vehicle dynamic information is collected and processed in real-time to plan the optimal path, and the information is comprehensive and lag-free. WiMi also researched the influence of various elements on interaction behavior, to build a human-computer interactive model for intelligent networked vehicles and achieve a fast and comprehensive response. Using big data technology to process real-time data, algorithms are used to help intelligent vehicles find the best driving path and pass it to the networked vehicles through the human-computer interaction system, which realizes human-computer interaction and parallel processing and calculation of data in networked vehicles and saves various resource costs.

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WiMi‘s human-computer interaction system for intelligent connected vehicles based on big data and hybrid algorithm can accumulate many derived big data, including state monitoring, interaction control, personal preference and web service data, which can be used for active learning and self-adaptation of in-vehicle systems. As road and vehicle states change, online models of HCI in intelligent vehicles will improve autonomous driving performance. Based on various advanced sensors and on-board intelligent computing platforms equipped with ICVs, combined with state recognition and monitoring technologies, a multi-sensor computing system with active sensing capability is formed for monitoring and recognizing cognitive load, secondary activities, emotional states, action postures and fatigue, thus improving driving safety and reliability.

With the development and upgrading of the automotive industryICV will become a new generation of transportation, and WiMi’s innovative ICV human-computer interactive system deeply integrates big data and hybrid algorithmic technology, grasps the development direction of human-technology integration, and will promote the intelligent and networked development of the automotive industry.

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