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Using Analytics and Automation from OnviSource, a Nationwide Wireless Service Provider Intelligently Automates Its Customer Satisfaction Discovery, Tracking and Scoring

Using Analytics and Automation from OnviSource, a Nationwide Wireless Service Provider Intelligently Automates Its Customer Satisfaction Discovery, Tracking and Scoring
OnviSource’s Intelligently Automated Customer Satisfaction Analytics, Tracking and Scoring (CSATS) Solution Enables the Service Provider to Discover True Customer Satisfaction Using Industry Standard Scoring Systems

OnviSource announced that one of its long-term customers, a leading provider of nationwide wireless services, has successfully deployed OnviSource’s new Customer Satisfaction Analytics, Tracking and Scoring (CSATS) solution delivered as Cloud/SaaS. The service provider has achieved its desired outcome in understanding true customer satisfaction through actionable knowledge and systematic scoring. Added to analytics and automation solutions previously provided by OnviSource, CSATS empowers the service provider to holistically analyze and manage the customer journey before, during and after service.

Enterprises are rapidly recognizing that customer sentiment analysis conducted during customer interactions is inadequate to demonstrate holistic and accurate customer satisfaction over time. Though customers might be satisfied with the outcome of a given interaction with an enterprise, their overall experience extended over time may not be positive. A true understanding of customer satisfaction can be obtained through surveys, analysis, tracking and scoring the voice-of-customer (VoC). In other words, while customer interaction analysis during a given interaction can determine customer satisfaction for an isolated interaction, the addition of CSATS can provide an overall rating and understanding of customer satisfaction throughout their total experience with an enterprise.

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CSATS focuses on accurately grading the level of customer satisfaction related to whether or not a customer would recommend and promote the company (measured by Net Promoter Score or NPS), the level of effort they experienced in order to receive services (measured by Customer Effort Score or CES), their overall level of satisfaction from the beginning of interaction with the company (measured by Customer Satisfaction score or CSAT); as well as other measurements such as First Call Resolution (FCR).

CSATS goes beyond interaction analytics and employs additional intelligently automated solutions such as surveys, response management, data analytics, decision-making engines, and process automation.

“As customer satisfaction and experience management is becoming ever more critical for businesses of all sizes, enterprises are required to add yet another intelligently automated solution to their customer journey analytics to survey, analyze, track and score customer satisfaction across all stages of the customer journey over a period of time,” said Francisca Alegria, Executive Vice President at OnviSource. “The latest deployment of our CSATS solution and its addition to our customer journey solutions already in use is a testimony of our customers’ confidence and trust in our ability to respond to their growing needs, from workforce optimization and customer experience management to process automation and advanced customer satisfaction analytics.”

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OnviSource CSATS, an advanced and automated analytical feature offered as part of Company’s Intellecta™ suite of multichannel analytics, is available as both on-premise software and SaaS. It uses the OnviSource Inspecta™ customer survey solution or a 3rd party product to conduct advanced data analytics against a user-defined scoring system for NPS, CES, CSAT, FCR, etc. Its automated tracking and trend analysis capabilities offer a holistic and true measure of customer satisfaction systematically scored and organized as actionable knowledge. Users are provided with drill-down features to review the actual and relevant surveys, key performance indicators or calls.

Driven by a strategy of “Intelligent Automation Everywhere in Your Enterprise”, CSATS is a new addition to OnviSource ia.Enterprise™ Intelligent Automation solutions that are powered by the company’s proprietary hyperautomation platform consisting of Artificial Intelligence (AI), conversational AI/intelligent virtual agent, analytics and robotic process automation. It offers intelligently automated solutions to optimize the performance of the workforce, improve contact center productivity and compliance, manage customer experience and satisfaction, and automate both workflows and end-to-end business processes.

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