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PEZY Computing Selects proteanTecs to Monitor Die-to-Die Interconnects in Next-Generation Supercomputer Processors

PEZY Computing Selects proteanTecs to Monitor Die-to-Die Interconnects in Next-Generation Supercomputer Processors

proteanTecs, a global leader of deep data analytics for advanced electronics, announced that PEZY Computing has selected the company’s 2.5D interconnect monitoring solution for interface validation, quality assurance and reliability monitoring. PEZY, a Japanese semiconductor manufacturer of advanced supercomputer processors, will use proteanTecs’ solution to monitor the die-to-die (D2D) connectivity in their next-generation processors.

High-performance computing (HPC) applications are a main driver pushing the semiconductor industry to adopt chiplet architectures and advanced packaging in order to scale in a “More than Moore” era. However, heterogeneous systems have thousands of potential failure points and limited visibility, where the weakest link causes a full system failure.

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To address this emerging industry need, the proteanTecs high-resolution interconnect monitoring solution supports visibility at every stage—from characterization and qualification, assembly and test, to field deployment and operation. Unlike traditional approaches—which rely on low-granularity, pass-fail testing—this market-leading, patented solution delivers parametric lane grading with 100-percent lane and pin coverage, at test and in mission-mode.

“proteanTecs’ solution enhances processors with unparalleled visibility,” said Kei Ishii, VP Processor Engineering at PEZY Computing. “Their deep data expedites system bring-up, characterization and testing, but it also benefits end customers who can leverage this technology in the field. In uptime-critical HPC and supercomputing environments, this solution is a gamechanger, allowing for performance monitoring and time-to-failure prediction.”

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“PEZY’s revolutionary supercomputer processors are on the leading edge of high performance computing and deliver world-class energy efficiency,” said Keith Morton, CRO at proteanTecs. “As a proven leader in the supercomputing industry, we welcome PEZY to our customer list.”

PEZY uses the Global Unichip Corporation (GUC) High Bandwidth Memory Gen 3 (HBM3) PHY, a silicon-proven solution that integrates the proteanTecs D2D interconnect monitoring technology.

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