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Nexar Launches Nexar Open Academy to Revolutionize Academic Research with Real-World Visual Data

Nexar Launches Nexar Open Academy to Revolutionize Academic Research with Real-World Visual Data

 Nexar, a leading AI mobility company, announced the launch of Nexar Open Academy, a new program aimed at transforming academic research by providing universities f********** to Nexar’s unique street-level crowdsourced dataset. The company will offer the first 5,000 images free of charge to qualifying research teams, with the goal of expanding research collaborations across 100 universities in the next twelve months.

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Nexar’s crowdsourced network of hundreds of thousands of vehicle cameras captures more than 500 million images each month, producing an unparalleled view of activity on streets across the US. This dynamic visual dataset is enabling groundbreaking new research that was previously impossible due to lack of data availability.

Most recently, Nexar provided visual data to a team at Cornell Tech, who analyzed 25 million images to explore patterns in police deployment across New York City. This research provided valuable insights into equity and transparency in policing.

Through Nexar Open Academy, Nexar is now making its revolutionary dataset accessible to more research teams pursuing vision-based breakthroughs in transportation, urban planning, social studies, public safety, and more.

“Our goal with Nexar Open Academy is to empower researchers across disciplines to transform what’s possible through access to fresh, real-world visual data,” said Nexar VP of Global Business Development, Henning Winter. “We believe this crowdsourced camera network can drive major advancements toward Vision Zero across the research community.”

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Nexar Open Academy is seeking research proposals from universities focused on:

  • Urban development using visuals, AI and Machine Learning
  • Transportation planning and traffic pattern analysis
  • Social studies analyzing human movement and urban patterns
  • Vision-based AI research aimed at improving road safety

Researchers can leverage Nexar’s data for publications and expanded projects. This secure, customizable access to real-world visuals provides immense possibilities for research and breakthroughs not possible through other datasets.

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