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Grasp Technologies Announces graspANALYTICS Empowering Strategic Decisions with Data-Driven Insights

Grasp Technologies Announces graspANALYTICS Empowering Strategic Decisions with Data-Driven Insights

Grasp Technologies announced the official release of graspANALYTICS, a new visualization solution designed to help businesses make informed decisions. graspANALYTICS leverages the underlying graspDATA platform for clean, normalized, and complete data along with the familiarity and fluid visualization of the Microsoft PowerBI platform.

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“Our goal is to provide companies with the ability to make strategic decisions from the data analyzed across sources, including expense, HR, booking tools, and corporate card data, as well as data from multiple TMCs, systems, or subsidiaries,” said Erik Mueller, CEO of Grasp. “The solution provides comprehensive insights into areas such as forecasted trends across spend; potential areas for increased savings; vendor analysis; CO2 emissions report for ESG initiatives; traveler wellbeing reports; and what-if analysis that scopes out the impact of potential changes to your business.”

graspANALYTICS leverages the non-proprietary technology of Microsoft PowerBI along with the proprietary technology of graspDATA for clean, trusted data and the knowledge of the travel data experts at Grasp. And as future visualization components evolve within the PowerBI platform, those will become available to graspANALYTICS customers.

“graspANALYTICS shines in many areas, especially in showing insights on multi-faceted questions that are not easily answerable by out-of-the-box AI  .The ability to access valuable insights from across various datasets allows you to make more informed decisions without having to call your data science team 24/7, empowering all departments to elevate above the minutiae of data wrangling,” said Chris Smith, CTO at Grasp. “With advanced analytics and robust reporting capabilities, companies can achieve greater savings through enhanced negotiation strategies, plus better program management and control.”

Turning Analytics into Action

With graspANALYTICS, businesses can leverage data to make well-informed, evidence-based decisions. The platform can transform extensive datasets into interactive maps, charts, and graphs which quickly identify patterns and trends in a glance.

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Quality, clean, reliable data as a starting point enables business objectives and initiatives to be driven by evidence and insights. graspANALYTICS empowers companies to:

  • Further increase savings and efficiency
  • Make better strategic decisions
  • Manage risk and compliance
  • Setting up AI and machine learning for success
  • Prepare for the future and support business growth

Better Together with TMCs

graspANALYTICS furthers a new era in travel and expense management by embracing a multifaceted approach that augments already vital TMC data with a variety of other sources like payment, expense, and sustainability. By recognizing the power of TMC data while leveraging additional sources, graspANALYTICS empowers corporations to make informed decisions, enhance compliance, improve employee satisfaction, and achieve overall efficiency in travel and expense management.

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