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Gong Brings Insights to Business Intelligence Tools for More Informed Decision-Making

Gong Brings Insights to Business Intelligence Tools for More Informed Decision-Making

Gong, the Revenue Intelligence leader, announced the launch of Gong Insights, Powered by Snowflake, a new solution that autonomously brings insights captured on the Gong Revenue Intelligence Platform to a company’s existing business intelligence (BI) tool. This new offering will allow business leaders to make informed business decisions by leveraging Gong’s rich data set alongside the rest of their critical business insights.

Despite the proliferation of enterprise data, it remains challenging to understand which initiatives in the sales cycle yield success and which don’t – and whether these initiatives are even followed by sales teams. Most business decisions have relied on sales data that is entered manually by sellers into their CRM. As a result, this data is often incomplete and unreliable, and may lead to uninformed or incomplete decision-making, with only 54 percent of GTM leaders reporting they have clear, real-time visibility into the progress of deals.

“Business leaders are under pressure to make the right strategic decisions that will help their companies thrive – especially in this challenging climate. But they often rely on manual data like CRM or field or customer surveys, which are subjective and go stale quickly,” said Ryan Longfield, Chief Revenue Officer, Gong. “By teaming with Snowflake to bring this rich data and understanding from Gong directly into the broader set of insights, we are making it easier for leaders to improve their GTM strategy, productivity and execution – all based on data that’s rooted in customer interactions.”

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Gong has partnered with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, to automate the integration of sales interactions data into customers’ existing BI tools. This is designed to make it easier for senior business leaders to have a view into revenue intelligence insights along with other key business metrics as they evaluate strategic decisions. Building the solution on Snowflake has allowed Gong to leverage the reliability, security, and automation of Snowflake’s single, integrated platform to help organizations capture a more complete view of their GTM data for more informed business decision-making at all levels of the organization. This is a continuation of Gong and Snowflake’s partnership to help revenue leaders make more informed business decisions.

“Having access to the right data is critical to ensuring strategic decisions can be made that lead to growth,” said Chris Degnan, Chief Revenue Officer, Snowflake. “By building on Snowflake, Gong is able to securely and seamlessly integrate its data into the rest of a company’s dataset, giving executives a clearer picture of the information they need to run their business.”

Joint customers will be able to quickly set up their Gong Insights instance, without requiring any code. With Snowflake, data will flow automatically into the existing BI tool, from which teams can create and customize dashboards with pre-built reports from Gong. With Gong Insights, customers can enrich critical reports by bringing Gong data into their existing BI tool, and customize them based on business priorities to drive go-to-market success, team efficiency, and an understanding of pipeline health.

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Sigma Computing, a cloud analytics solution platform, is using Gong Insights, Powered by Snowflake, to gain deeper insights with a more centralized and comprehensive view of data. Sigma was founded in 2014 to meet the needs of analysts who work with spreadsheets and want to use data in the Snowflake Data Cloud to remove the technical hurdles of developing on visualization tools in SQL to run specific big data queries.

“The ability to see around corners is critical to being able to more accurately predict outcomes using data. While we have always had all of our go-to-market data combined with key data sources like product usage, we have lacked the ability to combine that with real time activity from sales calls. With our go-to-market data siloed apart from other critical business insights, our teams were spending significant time trying to integrate these data points for a clear picture,” said Orla Clifford, VP Operations, Sigma Computing. “Integrating real time activity via Gong Insights Powered by Snowflake has given us the ability to visualize a full 360 view of our sales funnel in Sigma, which in turn enables us to more precisely predict scenarios and validate our forecast.”

Gong Insights, Powered by Snowflake, is part of a broader effort to help business leaders leverage Gong’s rich data set for more informed decision-making. In addition to the new product, customers can also access Gong Insights through:

  • CRM Enrich – Automatically captures and pushes select Gong data (activities, calls, emails, and more) directly into Salesforce Data Cloud or HubSpot, allowing teams to automate the data entry process, consolidate niche tools, and create a unified system of record.
  • Initiatives Board – The dashboard within the Gong Revenue Intelligence Platform gives teams visibility into team adoption, as well as the ability to understand how initiatives resonate with their target market and correlate to business impact.

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