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Vertspec Announces The First Universal, Secure, And Complete Database Of The Worlds Vertical Wireless Infrastructure

Vertspec Announces The First Universal, Secure, And Complete Database Of The Worlds Vertical Wireless Infrastructure
Deployment of new technologies to the entire wireless network takes too long and the US is falling behind. Vertspec launches new software to speed the process from start to close out.

Wireless telecom innovator Vertspec announced the world’s first universal, secure and comprehensively detailed database of vertical wireless assets. “If we expect to keep up with China in our 5-G rollout, things have to go much, much faster,” said Vertspec CEO Andy Trench. Vertspec’s product is designed to eliminate visits to wireless sites to gather information. “In alpha tests, we’re eliminating wasted money and windshield time. Vertspec cuts 60 days off site acquisition alone getting more jobs done in less time for site acquisition teams, and moves the needle faster for both the carriers and the tower owners.”

CEO Andy Trench says his inspiration came from spending hundreds of hours at macro-sites. “We’re seeing a trip to gather SCIP photos, a separate climber to confirm LOS (line of sight), another for initial A&E technical elevation and plans, and on and on. I’ve seen someone drive up with only binoculars just to verify the last report. When the tower is only accessible by ATV on a mountaintop, the extra work is insane. None of this is needed. As early as this winter we’re going to get you all that data, from your desk, immediately.”

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VertSpec states the searchable database is a quantum leap. Trench explains, “Nothing like our product exists. Imagine Zillow for wireless sites, not just photos, but technical drawings, a panoramic view from the rooftop, a closeup of damaged areas and 3d walkthroughs. We’re integrating augmented reality, AI, and photogrammetric modeling to finally make real leaps in speed and cost.”

Vertspec CEO Andy Trench says his product also goes far beyond the platforms run by individual tower owners or integrators. “I think of it like real estate before online platforms like Zillow. Some individual realtors had websites, but homebuyers search by location, not realtor. And most agents determined it was unnecessary for them to build and maintain their own sites when Zillow provides more information, at your fingertips, for free… making it easier and faster to close sales. It’s a win win win for everyone involved in the constant roll out of new wireless technology.” VertSpec plans to have the fully featured, searchable and secure product to publicly roll out beginning in Q1, 2022, but Trench adds, “the company is already working with very happy beta customers now. All the core features are already functioning, so firms can get value quickly. We want to make the whole industry work safer, faster, and be more profitable.”

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