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Sway AI Partners with Trilogy Networks to Enable AI Technology for Precision Farming

Sway AI Partners with Trilogy Networks to Enable AI Technology for Precision Farming
No-Code Automation AI Company Joins the Rural Cloud Initiative to Deliver Actionable Data for U.S. Farmers

Sway AI, a developer of cutting-edge no-code AI technologies and services,announced a partnership with Trilogy Networks to join the Rural Cloud Initiative (RCI), a unique coalition of network and edge innovation partners committed to promoting and accelerating the digital transformation of rural America. Through this partnership they will deliver a complete AI-enabled precision agriculture solution for farmers.

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Agricultural software and applications are becoming more commonplace as they provide unprecedented information around operations and processes. However, there is no single application that captures all of the data a farmer needs, and the information one farm might depend on to make certain decisions is not always the same for another. To address this growing industry issue of data fragmentation, Sway AI and Trilogy Networks are entering a partnership to consolidate information that will augment decision making throughout the entire production process.

Using RCI Partner Veea’s edge wireless technology and Trilogy Networks’ end to end digital agriculture platform for optimized farming, Sway AI will provide AI applications that act on farm-specific data. Data from multiple sources and sensors, such as drones, robotics, local and historical data, will be combined to provide holistic insights for the nation’s farmers.

“Even though more and more farmers are utilizing agricultural software and solutions, if you ask any farmer what applications they use, they’ll most likely have a half dozen or more disparate apps to manage their farms,” said Jitender Arora, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Sway AI. “The sheer thought of the different technologies and applications a farmer has to rely on can be overwhelming, creates a barrier to entry, and also discourages sustained use. As the newest partner of the RCI, we’ll be able to give farmers using Sway AI unified application actionable data and comprehensive insights for precision farming.”

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Trilogy Networks launched the RCI in 2020 with the purpose to deploy a unified, distributed cloud covering an area of 1.5 million square miles of rural America. The RCI is rapidly gaining momentum as more Network Providers and Edge Innovation Partners across the nation join the initiative.

“The agriculture industry is ripe to undergo a digital transformation, delivering enormous productivity and economic benefit”, said Nancy Shemwell, COO Trilogy Networks. “AgTech made simple – is the key – Trilogy’s FarmGrid™ is the answer. A digital agriculture platform, simplifying connectivity challenges, delivering and supporting AgTech applications on a single platform allows the grower to see and utilize the data being gathered by a variety of IoT devices. Sway AI and their AI platform applications put the power of the data in the grower’s hands – allowing him to augment his decision-making capabilities with truly actionable data.”

“Sway AI’s approach to democratizing AI for all is helping to further the RCI mission. Partnering with an edge cloud leader such as Trilogy Networks presents an incredible opportunity to empower America’s two million farms with AI,” said Amir Atai, CEO & Co-Founder of Sway AI. “Through our AI applications, we hope to revolutionize the agricultural industry and also help with critical matters such as climate change and food shortages.”

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