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T-Mobile Unveils SASE Solution with Two Industry-First Capabilities

T-Mobile Unveils SASE Solution with Two Industry-First Capabilities

The industry’s first SIM-based SASE solution and network security slice will make it easier than ever for businesses and government organizations to strengthen their defense against cyberthreats

T-Mobile US,  What’s the news: T-Mobile is introducing T-Mobile Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), with two groundbreaking capabilities for businesses and government organizations ― T-SIMsecure and T-Mobile Security Slice.

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“T-Mobile SASE with T-SIMsecure and Security Slice is yet another example of innovation being delivered to our business and government customers”

Why it matters: IT and security teams are overwhelmed with a growing number of threats, so it’s more critical than ever for businesses and organizations to embrace the latest SASE innovations.

Who it’s for: Businesses and organizations looking to improve protection of their networks, applications and information against cyberthreats.

T-Mobile introduced T-Mobile SASE, a network management and ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) platform that helps customers securely connect employees, systems and endpoints to remote networks, corporate applications and resources. Not only is it the first SIM-based SASE solution, it’s also the nation’s first solution to offer customers a secure network slice dedicated to SASE traffic. These industry-first components are designed to help make it easier than ever for organizations to protect corporate data and network resources from nearly anywhere.

The global average cost of a single data breach reached an estimated $4.45 million in 2023 ― 15% more than in 2020 — so organizations are increasingly turning to software-based solutions like SASE to help protect themselves from attacks. But software-based security solutions can pose some risks and can leave room for improvement compared to hardware-based security solutions. For example, traditional, software-based SASE only offers protection when client software is downloaded onto devices and configured. This is a heavy administrative lift for IT departments and can potentially leave some devices vulnerable, such as IoT hardware and routers.

Enter T-Mobile SASE. T-Mobile worked closely with Versa Networks to create T-SIMsecure — the first SIM-based SASE solution that uses International Mobile Subscriber Identity and International Mobile Equipment Identity for clientless authentication. This hardware-based component means that devices connected to T-Mobile’s network are automatically authorized through the SIM card, simplifying the work for IT and security teams by reducing administrative complexity. It also delivers improved experiences for mobile employees who are on-the-go, such as field services and frontline workers. Because the authorization is always on and pervasive, it helps protect devices that are unable to support traditional SASE software, such as IoT and routers. And devices that don’t have a T-Mobile SIM can still download and set up the SASE device client regardless of carrier or Wi-Fi network.

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T-Mobile SASE delivers more than just SIM-based authorization. It also has you covered with Private Access to protect business applications and data on the corporate network and Secure Internet Access to protect internet-connected devices from threats like viruses, malware and ransomware.

  • Private Access uses a modern ZTNA-based approach to VPN that provides devices with secure, direct, least privileged access — so employees only get corporate network access to the applications and data they need to get work done from anywhere.
  • Secure Internet Access includes features like web filtering (secure web gateway), protection for SaaS applications (Cloud Access Security Broker) and advanced IT network security (next-gen firewall).

As part of its SASE solution, T-Mobile will also offer T-Mobile Security Slice — the first network slice dedicated to a commercial offering in the U.S. Using new network management capabilities, T-Mobile’s 5G standalone (SA) network can be divided into multiple virtual networks — aka slices. Each slice can be set up separately, making it possible to isolate and customize them to meet the needs and requirements of specific application and service traffic, such as SASE. This gives T-Mobile SASE customers with 5G SA enabled devices potentially massive advantages, like improved latency and faster speeds compared to Wi-Fi, LTE and 5G non-standalone — and an incremental layer of security and control.

“T-Mobile SASE with T-SIMsecure and Security Slice is yet another example of innovation being delivered to our business and government customers,” said Callie Field, President, T-Mobile Business Group. “Not only does this complement and expand our security portfolio to offer protection for corporate networks, applications and data — it also reinforces our commitment to leverage our 5G leadership for good.”

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